Prank your friends by spamming them with AirDrop alerts with AirTroller

SourceLocation, the developer behind the popular TrollTools system customization app for TrollStore users released a new app on Thanksgiving Thursday called AirTroller.

AirTroller AirDrop spamming utility for iOS.

In the /r/jailbreak release announcement post, we learn that AirTroller is meant as a prank app that can automatically spam your friends with AirDrop messages.

Obviously intended as a gag and not to be used maliciously, the developer warns that while iOS & iPadOS 14.0+ users can use AirTroller, whether they have a jailbreak or not, it’s only viable for trolling people on iOS or iPadOS 15.7.1 or below since iOS & iPadOS 16 have a new feature that can hide alerts after three declined AirDrop requests.

According to the developer, AirTroller is better than the TrollDrop tweak that many users found funny some time ago because it broke on iOS & iPadOS 12-13 after Apple introduced auto-decline techniques to curb nuisances. The technique used by AirTroller is a bit different and seems to circumvent this technique.

Since AirTroller is something that’s sure to get under people’s skin rather quickly, we don’t recommend using it in a malicious fashion. Instead, we caution that users lay off of their prank victim after both parties share their first laugh about it.

Those interested in downloading and trying the AirTroller app can acquire it for free from SourceLocation’s GitHub page where the project is also open source.

Do you intend to tinker with the AirTroller app, or would you rather not get all your friends to hate you and your AirDrop abuses? Let us know in the comments section down below.