IconExporter lets TrollStore users export all their Home Screen icons as a .zip file

After releasing Evyrest last week, a tool for TrollStore for automatically changing a user’s wallpaper, iOS developer sourcelocation released yet another TrollStore project called IconExporter.

Export Home Screen app icons with IconExporter.

With IconExporter, users can quickly and efficiently export each and every one of their Home Screen’s app icons as a .zip file and then save or share the .zip file however they please.

As shown above, the IconExporter app is very barebones, as sourcelocation underscores the fact that the app was made in under 20 minutes.

Upon tapping on the blue “export icons” button, the app gets busy collecting and packaging all your Home Screen’s app icons. Once finished, a share sheet appears that lets you share the output .zip file however you wish.

In our case, we shared the .zip file to iCloud Drive, which lets us quickly unzip and view the contents of the file and further do as we wish with them:

Output of IconExporter TrollStore add-on.

It would appear that the image files are exported as 180×180 pixel .png files, but it’s worth noting that if you use the Pixelmator Photo app, you can use Machine Learning to boost the resolution up to 540×540 pixels right from your iPhone or iPad.

Not everyone needs access to app icon image files, but if you’re in the unique position where you need them, then IconExporter could be of use to you.

Currently, you can acquire IconExporter by joining sourcelocation’s Discord channel and searching the Announcements thread for the following comment:

Sourcelocation announces IconExporter in Discord server.

Installing IconExporter with TrollStore requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPadOS 14.0-15.4.1 (or some 15.5 betas). It’s worth noting that some Shortcuts with similar capabilities also exist for devices running a newer firmware.

Do you plan to take advantage of IconExporter? Be sure let us know in the comments section down below.