Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Avatar, Axe, Phoenix, & more…

It’s an exciting time to be a jailbreaker, whether you’re following Linus Henze’s Fugu14 untether development and what it spells out for existing iOS 14-centric jailbreak tools, or you’re hopeful of what becomes of all the latest kernel exploit teasers.

One of my favorite things about jailbreaking is the plethora of tweaks one can install to supercharge their handset’s native capabilities, and in this piece, we’ll summarize all the latest jailbreak tweak releases along with jailbreak-oriented news in one convenient place.

As we do every week, we’ll kick things off by showcasing our favorite tweak releases first and then wrap things up with an outline of all the other important stuff afterward. So without further ado; let’s get started.

Our favorite releases this week

Avatar – $2.50

Memoji and Animoji are fun ways to express yourself, and when you have a jailbroken device, you can use a helpful jailbreak tweak called Avatar to share them in more places than just iMessage.

Avatar is comprised of a full-featured Memoji and Animoji studio where you can record yourself in the fun and quirky animated format and then share the video file via any app of your choosing.

You can learn more about Avatar and how it works in our full review post.

Axe – FREE

The battery level indicator is something that many iPhone users pay close attention to, but the colors Apple chose aren’t as aesthetically accurate as we’d like.

Axe is a free jailbreak tweak that applies a slow-shifting gradient to the battery indicator, forcing it to chance from bright green, to yellow, to dark red over the course of your day with batter drainage.

You can learn all about Axe and why it’s a great upgrade for your pwned handset in our full review post.

Phoenix – $2.00

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Phoenix is a new jailbreak tweak that completely reimagines the native Phone app on jailbroken iPhones, and it honestly makes us wonder if the design team at Apple is even trying anymore.

With beautiful new cell layouts and shiny new contact-oriented customizations, you can make accessing and interacting with contacts easier than ever before.

You can learn more about Phoenix and what the tweak is all about in our full review post.

Other releases this week

aptFix: Clears some unwanted errors with package manager apps, such as DPKG Locked and apt locked (free via BigBoss repository)

LSFCDenied: A denier for the Camera and Flashlight features on the Lock Screen (free via BigBoss repository)

Power Options: Makes it easier to perform a userspace reboot, respring, or another type of device restart (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Transdock: Makes the Home Screen’s Dock totally transparent (free via VyperDev’s repository – review)

Everything else from this week

AltDaemon: The AltDaemon package was updated to version 1.0.1 after it moved from the Dynastic Repo repository to the Chariz repository.

Best AirPods jailbreak tweaks: We showcase what we believe are some of the best jailbreak tweaks for augmenting the AirPods user experience on jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Fix Common Repo Refreshing Errors: We share some of the most common remedies for errors you might experience when refreshing your package manager app’s jailbreak sources and repositories.

Although we’ve reached the end of this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, we’ll be right back again at this very same time next week with updated jailbreak-related content that will reflect the upcoming week.

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We’re interested to learn what your favorite jailbreak tweak release and/or news tidbit was from this past week. Don’t forget to drop a comment below!