Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Acies, Touchbar, & more…

Much of the jailbreak community is waiting in suspense after Apple officially released iOS & iPadOS 15 near the end of September, and this has certainly had an impact on the frequency of jailbreak related news and releases as well.

Still, with jailbreaking being a substantial amount of what we do here at iDownloadBlog, we like to keep the ball rolling despite the apparent lull.

In this roundup, we’ll go over all the latest jailbreak tweak releases and jailbreak-centric news from this past week. As usual, we’ll start with a brief overview of our favorite releases and then outline everything else afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

Acies – $1.50

Acies is a jailbreak tweak that gives users a redesigned Now Playing interface on the Lock Screen.

With its slick aesthetics and modified user controls, jailbreakers will have just one more thing to attract the attention of the unjailbroken.

You can learn all about Acies and how it works in our full review post.

Touchbar – $1.00

For less than the price of a hamburger at McDonald’s, you can use a jailbreak tweak called Touchbar to get a MacBook Pro-inspired Touch Bar experience on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

With Touchbar, useful controls such as media, display brightness and volume controls are never more than a tap away. Users can also enjoy Siri and screenshot shortcuts, among other things, and then dismiss the interface when they don’t need it.

You can learn everything you need to know about Touchbar in our full review post.

Other releases this week

IGShareConfirm: Makes the user confirm when tapping on the Instagram app’s share buttons (free via BigBoss repository)

NoBackgroundPhotoAccess: Prevents apps from accessing your device’s Camera Roll in the background (free via BigBoss repository – review)

RAMUnderTime: Puts the amount of free RAM your device has underneath the Status Bar’s time display (free via Ginsu’s repository – review)

Searchy: Lets jailbroken iPhone users search their Recents list via the native Phone app (free via MiRO92’s repository – review)

uYouCompat: Makes the uYou add-on for YouTube compatible with iOS 13 and below (free via PoomSmart’s repository)

Everything else from this week

Best Phone App Jailbreak Tweaks: We showcase what we believe are some of the best jailbreak tweaks for enhancing the Phone app on iOS 14.

iOS 15.0.1 kernel vulnerability: Security researcher Saar Amar published a writeup about a kernel-level vulnerability that could potentially result in jailbreaks for the remaining version(s) of iOS & iPadOS 14 (14.4-14.8) and possibly promote progress on the first iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreak up to version 15.0.1.

Pangu Team: The Pangu Team took the #1 rank at TianfuCup (TFC) 2021 after demonstrating a remote jailbreak on Apple’s brand-new iPhone 13 Pro.

@pattern_F_ demos jailbreak using the Amar’s vulnerability: A renowned security researcher demonstrated that Saar Amar’s new kernel vulnerability is exploitable and could lead to a jailbreak.

While we wish we could keep on going, that’s all we have for this week. Fortunately, we’ll be right back at it next week with another roundup just like this one, albeit with refreshed content to reflect the times.

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What was your favorite jailbreak tweak release and/or news tidbit from this past week? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section down below.