Searchy lets jailbroken iPhone users search the Phone app’s Recents list

With all the extravagant changes Apple seems to be making to the iOS mobile operating system with respect to recent updates, it remains to be seen why important things such as the native Phone app haven’t received new or useful functionality.

iOS developer MiRO92 recognized at least one way that the Phone app could be improved, and as such, created a jailbreak tweak dubbed Searchy.

The best way to describe Searchy with conciseness in mind is that it adds a search bar to the Recents tab in the native Phone app, like so:

Searchy is an obvious improvement to the native Phone app because it allows jailbroken iPhone users to search their recent call list for a specific name or phone number without being compelled to manually scroll through the entire list to find it.

In addition to being a time-saver, Searchy is such a common-sense upgrade for the Phone app that it’s almost amazing that a multi-billion-dollar company like Apple hasn’t invested any of its time in adding it themselves. Fortunately, jailbreaking comes to the rescue yet again.

Searchy doesn’t come with any options to configure and supports all pwned iPhones running iOS 13 or 14. Those interested in trying the tweak out for themselves can download it for free from MiRO92’s personal repository, which can be added to your package manager of choice via the following URL if you’re not already taking advantage of it:

Do you think Searchy is a worthwhile upgrade for the iPhone’s native Phone app? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.