25 top free Cydia tweaks for frugal jailbreakers

Top free jailbreak tweaks

Jailbreaking on a budget? That’s okay. Despite what some may lead you to believe, there’s a surprising amount of great jailbreak tweaks that can be had absolutely free. If you’re a frugal jailbreaker, then this list of 25 tweaks is sure to appeal to you.

In this post you’ll find multitasking tweaks, media apps, SpringBoard management tools, Cydia modifying tweaks, Siri tweaks, Music app tweaks, animation tweaks, and much more. As it turns out, you can make a pretty awesome jailbroken iPhone without spending a dime.

How many of these free tweaks do you use on a daily basis? Watch our video walkthrough to see the full rundown…

Here is the full list of tweaks covered in the video. Remember, all of the tweaks here are free on Cydia. Most are available on the standard Cydia repos, but some require third-party repos. For tweaks that require outside sources, the source is included. You can also click on a tweak’s name for more information.

Which free jailbreak tweak is on your must have list? Are there any tweaks that you believe should have been included on the list? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts and opinions on the matter.