Apps of the Week: Final Fantasy VI, Paper, Modern Command, and more

February has begun, which means it is no longer the start of the New Year. Are you sticking to your resolutions? So far, I’m doing pretty good with mine. Not great, but pretty good. Hey, we’ve got 11 more months to get it together, right?

This weekend, if you are planning on staying in with epic video games sessions on your iPhone, want to catch up on your Facebook news reading, or forgot to order flowers for you mom because you were playing videos games too long, we’ve got a list of apps and game to give you something to do this weekend…

Final Fantasy VI

FF VIBy the time the sixth installment of the Final Fantasy series had come out 20 years ago, did you ever think there would come a day when you could talk on the phone and play the role-play adventure game on the same device? Douglas Adams would have been impressed. This iOS port has been “painstakingly” recreated for mobile gaming. Players use intuitive user-friendly controls to recreate the experience of the original game in a new way. The mobile version includes newer magicites that were added to the 2006 remake of the game.  This game is available for $15.99.


Paper - stories from facebookI am not a fan of the never-ending scroll down of status updates that Facebook uses. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of complaints about the weather, sickness, and the government. When people say that Paper is the new Facebook, they have a point. I can see this new version of the social networking site becoming the new way to post statuses and read the news. It looks 100 percent better, has a much more intuitive user interface with great gesture-based controls and you view stories and status updates from left to right instead of up to down. It is just better all around and the app hasn’t even had time to be tweaked and adjusted to fit everyone yet. This app is available for free.

Modern Command

Modern CommandIf you are tired of bouncing robots and flapping birds and are looking for a good old-fashioned worldwide ground fight, you are in luck. This game features weapons, weapons, and more weapons. You’ll be building and upgrading missiles, stealth bombers, and laser shooters while researching technology to improve and secure your base. Play across continents in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and more. Set your men to work and watch them battle to defend and protect the Earth’s Protonium supply. Increase in levels as you complete quests, objectives, and daily missions. This game is available for free.


RookieAre you a photo editing “noob?” Do you post pictures to Instagram #nofilter, not because you are a purist, but because you don’t know what you are doing? You could use some help with the basics. This app features effects and tools that let you go beyond simple filters to create more expressive and interesting pictures. Use the live filter camera to get an idea of what your picture will look like in post. The app includes 116 different filter effects that professional photographers have used to enhance their images. Make your digital pictures look like they were taken with a film camera. Smooth out lines and blemishes on your close-up profile pictures. You’ll be able to turn simple camera snaps into top-quality pictures that are good enough for a wedding album. This app is available for free.


HumWhen I’m walking around, driving, or even just sitting at my desk, I will oftentimes have a great idea for a song. Sometimes I’ll get a tune in my head. Other times it will be lyrics. I usually write the lyrics in my Notes app and record tunes that I hum into my voice recorder. When you are in the middle of something, you need a quick and easy way to capture ideas. This app lets you do both. It combines note taking and audio recording into one place so you can hum that new tune and then link it to the chorus you want to sing along to. To make things even better, you can organize and filter your inspirations by lyrics, riff, key, tuning and more. This app is available for $1.99.

Line of Defense Tactics

LoD TacticsThe GALCOMS are back in position and ready for battle. All you have to do is tell them when to fight. In this Line of Defense mini game, players command a team of four Galactic Command marines in a campaign of secret missions that cross the universe’s expanse. The action is based on the storyline that first appeared in the Line of Defense comics. Players fight with real time tactical combat using the same group of military personnel. Battle the enemy in the air, sea, and on the ground with an infantry, fighting androids, and weapons-equipped vehicles. This game is available for free.


ProflowersBecause next Friday is Valentine’s Day and no matter how well prepared you think you are, there will always be someone you forgot to include in the lovers’ holiday. This app makes it possible for you to pick the bouquet, write the note, and schedule the delivery while you are waiting for the bus. Flower displays are organized into the event, including birthdays, Mother’s Day, condolences, and more. Once you’ve picked the right bouquet for the right person, schedule the delivery by selecting the address right from your iPhone’s address book. This app is available for free.

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