Unread: a beautiful new RSS reader for iPhone

unread 2

Despite the fact that Google shutdown its Reader service last year, there still seems to be a lot of RSS users out there. And if you’re one of them (and even if you’re not), you may want to check out this new RSS reader for the iPhone called Unread.

Unread, by developer Jared Sinclair, is a new iPhone app for gathering and reading your RSS feeds. Like many post-iOS 7 releases, the app is a contemporary take on a traditional concept with a beautiful UI, gesture-based navigation, and more…

Some notable features from the App Store description:

Full-screen reading: focus on the act of reading with Unread’s full-screen article view. Articles are typeset in beautiful fonts from Hoefler & Co. Let nothing stand between you and the words of your favorite writers except a thin sheet of glass.

Background refresh: Unread keeps your subscriptions up to date with power-efficient background updating. Articles and images are saved to your device for convenient offline reading.

Sharing: Send articles to Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, or your Reading List. Share articles and images via App.net or Twitter with as-you-type syntax highlighting, swipe gesture shortcuts for the cursor, and automatic smart quotes. Send a snippet of highlighted text to Omnifocus or Things for a quick reminder. Even more options are on the way.

Quick Access: Double tap an article summary to instantly toggle read/unread status. Press and hold to show a menu of options. This is great for quick sharing or for jumping straight to the web to view the original article. 

And here are a few more screenshots of the app in action:

unread 3

You obviously can’t tell from the screenshots, but Unread was built to be used single-handedly. You can move anywhere in the app without having to move your hand: flicking right takes you back to a previous screen, and pulling down refreshes.

Other noteworthy features include support for multiple themes—there’s light, dark, and ‘hidden’ themes—linked lists, and footnote popovers. It also supports VoiceOver, and comes with a ‘persistent web browser’ that keeps track of your history.

As of right now, you must have a Feedly, FeedWrangler, or Feedbin account to use the app, but the developer says that more services will be supported in the future. If you’re interested, you can find Unread in the App Store for $2.99 (for a limited time).

Some folks say Unread will unseat Reeder as the king of RSS readers, what do you think?