Apps of the week: Everest, Cameo, CSR Classics, and more…

iPhone 5 appsHalloween is coming. I can feel it in the air. The leaves are just starting to change colors, the wind is starting to pick up, and my allergies are making me wish I could cut off my nose and sew it back on in the winter.

Whether you are trying to stay inside to keep the pollen at bay, need help with organizing your life, or just want a fun game to play, we’ve got a list of apps and games to get you through another haunting weekend…

Device 6

Device 6Mixing literature and gaming is about as cool as mixing thrash music and skateboarding. In other words, it’s awesome. This app mixes the written word with geography and puzzles to create an interactive story that will draw readers in and keep them coming back for more. Unlock the mysteries of Anna’s past and help her remember how she ended up in a bizarre castle with a creepy doll. This game is from the creator of Year Walk, so if you enjoy surreal, cerebral puzzle games, you don’t want to miss this one. This game is available for $3.99.

Todo 7

Todo 7We’ve highlighted a lot of simple productivity apps on our site lately. However, Todo 7 is quite the opposite. It is definitely a workaholic’s choice for daily task and project organization. You can easily create tasks, subtasks, projects, and checklists. Plus, add deadlines and reminders to keep you on task. Invite others to share your project so you can collaborate on getting things done without even having to be in the same room. You can link your contacts, add relevant web pages, and geotag a task to remind you when you get close to a location. This app is available for $4.99.

Har.moIf you are in the mood for a casual game that will challenge your brain, then this app has what you are looking for. Players move block around on a grid to place them in a specific patter. Some blocks require one move, other require two or three moves. The key is knowing what block to move where, and in what order. It can get very complicated when you add more blocks and moves. While you are giving your brain a workout, you’ll be settling your mind to the relaxing ambient sounds that accompany each puzzle. This game is available for $0.99.


CameoIf you have always wanted to be a film maker, but have been told by numerous people that you just aren’t any good at it, maybe you need an easy-to-use editing app to help you create your movie magic. This app features professional-grade editing tools so you can create two-minute short films from video clips. You can also film in real time. Add interesting filters and themes, edit together clips, and share your creation in 720p on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. The app also includes an internal social networking site, so you can follow your friends and other movie makers and comment on their uploads. This app is available for free.


EverestEveryone has some kind of “bucket list” or future goal, or unreachable dream. Sometimes, your dreams and goals are easier to reach than you think, you just need a little push in the right direction. This app helps you stay focused on those goals so you can track your progress and stay motivated. You can list as many goals as you like, and then add friends so they can help support you and keep you accountable. Build up to the ultimate goal by setting small steps every day and then marking when you’ve accomplished them. This app is available for free.

CSR Classics

CSR ClassicTrue racing fans and car aficionados love more than just brand new, top-of-the-line speed demons. They also love the classics, the cars that started it all. Instead of just hopping behind the wheel of the newest model of Toyota racer, why not breath life into an old, rusted bucket that still has a few good runs left in it? Use the money you earn in races to fix up your bucket-of-bolts and turn it into the envy of your friends and foes. Take on the racing gangs of the street and race against their toughest driver as you vie for recognition as the best driver around. This game is available for free.


MimpiIt is time to go on a whimsical adventure full of strange worlds and unspoken stories. Mimpi is a puzzle adventure that combines platform gaming and side-scrolling action. Explore the beauty of eight different illustrated levels where each screen is completely different. Solve complex puzzles and unique mini games as you discover the world around you. You can change Mimpi’s look between eight different skins, including zombie robot and skeleton. Use your skills to figure out how to get across difficult terrain. This game is available for $1.99.

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