Mega Dead Pixel plummets into the App Store

Mega Dead Pixel 1What could be better than combining two awesome things into one? Add peanut butter to chocolate and get peanut butter cups. Add Tapatio to pizza and get a spicy slice. Add pixels to endless fallers and get an adorably intense action game.

Mega Dead Pixel is a vertical endless runner game, technically an endless faller, which features a single square who wants to colorize his world and become the ultimate Mega Pixel…

Players control a dead pixel as it navigates through a treacherous minefield of obstacles that are shaped like familiar objects from the past. You’ll recognize spaceships, swords, ghosts, and more from decades ago, when 8-bit seemed technologically advanced.

As you fall, you’ll have to avoid running into your pixelated pals, but if you brush up against them, you’ll be able to add color to their black existence. You can also pick up white pixels to give you extra life. Unfortunately, the white pixels also increase your size and speed up your descent, making it harder to navigate between obstacles.

To move your tiny friend, touch the right or left side of the screen. To move him a single column, tap the side of the screen that you want him to go. Precision is important in this game. Crashing into shape will earn you points, but will also end your life if you are not big enough to handle the collision. Brushing up against them as you fall will paint the shapes wonderful colors.

Mega Dead Pixel 2When you paint pixels, you will fill your Mega Pixel meter. When it is full, the little dead pixel grows tenfold and crushes everything in its path in temporary invincibility mode.

Players also collect coins on the way down that can be used to purchase swanky hats. Hats offer additional effects to your abilities like increased points and slower speeds. You can also buy bonus items, like bombs and pistols that destroy more shapes without you having to crash into them.

There are hundreds of shapes to paint and nine colorful worlds to unlock, each with its own soundtrack. When you successfully paint the Pixelwalls, you will unlock fun wallpapers for your use on your iOS device. There are also rare shiny pixels that will earn you big bucks if you find them. Each world features one hard-to-find collectable pixel.

Mega Dead Pixel is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.