KAMI, a beautifully relaxing puzzle game for iOS

KAMI 1We’ve recently spotlighted quite a few puzzle games that look great and feature interesting and challenging puzzles. With iOS 7, many developers have focused on offering apps that are flat and minimalistic in nature.

KAMI is a puzzle game that is the exact opposite of flat. It is not skeumorphic. It actually uses real paper as part of the game’s design. You’ll feel like you are really touching paper as your puzzle unfolds in stop motion…

Players solve puzzles by selecting a color and then tapping the corner. When you tap a corner, all connected squares will flip out, revealing the same color. If you’ve tapped the right hue in the correct order, you will eventually cover the entire screen with a single color.

KAMI 3If you select the wrong square, the colors will not unfold where you want them to, or they will unfold into a different color. You can pick which color to try to complete the puzzle with. The correct color will eventually fill the screen, but the incorrect color will always leave you short. As you progress in levels, more colors are added to make the game more difficult.

Players must complete the puzzle within a certain number of moves in order to move on. You can go one move over and it will still count, but you won’t get a “Perfect” score.

KAMI 2The game’s theme incorporates Japanese culture through the art of origami to help you feel relaxed and calm while trying to solve the complex puzzles. Each fold comes with a very realistic sound of rustling paper. The soundtrack features relaxing Asian-inspired music.

What is most interesting about this game is that its graphics are made using real paper and cardboard. The developers, State of Play Games, are best known for their puzzle game Lume, which was also created entirely out of paper.

There are 36 different puzzles and the developers have plans to add even more with future updates. It is currently not available on the iPhone 5s due to an unfortunate technological error. However, a fix is being worked on right now.

KAMI is available for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, the iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Which game do you like better, Har.mo.ny or KAMI?