New Boxie app promises to ‘prettify your Dropbox’

I’ve never thought that there was anything wrong with Dropbox’s iPhone client. It works well enough for me. But there are some folks who think the app lacks features, is tough to use, and isn’t visually appealing.

Well if you happen to fall into that category, you may be interested in Boxie. The app, which launched today, promises to ‘prettify’ your Dropbox with a clean, easy-to-use user interface and several handy features…

Here are some of Boxie’s more notable features:

– navigate quickly across folders;
– drag and drop to move an item in a folder;
– use contextual options to share, copy, delete, rename, move, paste items, with undoable actions;
– save bookmarks: fast shortcuts for files and folders which can be accessed from a dedicated section;
– store offline files to access them even when your internet connection is not available;
– see a list of revisions for files and restore previous versions;
– thanks to new iOS 7 background features, you can receive in-app and background notifications for file system events: additions, modifications, deletions;
– see the list of deleted files in a folder, and restore them;
– upload files to Dropbox by sending them to Boxie from other apps;
– transfer files and folders to other Boxie users using a sharable custom URL scheme link;
– view images in an enhanced image gallery with animated GIF support;
– listen to audio files and watch videos using a beautifully crafted audio and video player.

Of course, you’ll need a Dropbox account to use Boxie. If you already have one, you can input your login credentials, or authorize Boxie using Dropbox. Otherwise, you can create a new account within the app itself.

In June of this year, Dropbox announced that it had crossed 175 million users, and I’d imagine that they’re now well past the 200 million mark. That means that the potential audience for Boxie is fairly significant.

But whether or not you think the app is different enough from the official Dropbox client to warrant paying for it is up to you. If you’d like to check it out, you can find Boxie for iPhone in the App Store (on sale) for $1.99.