Boxie goes free: everyone can now prettify their Dropbox

As a Dropbox power user on a daily basis, I am very dissatisfied with their mobile app because it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of advanced capabilities, so much so that I've recently become a Boxie convert and never looked back.

This awesome Dropbox client for the iPhone and iPad used to cost two bucks so I imagine the price tag must have put off a lot of would-be users, especially give Dropbox’s own official iPhone and iPad client is free in the App Store and good enough for most of casual Dropbox users.

Those who depend on Dropbox will be happy learning that developer Tapwings has now completely removed barrier to entry because starting today, you can download Boxie free from the App Store (the price cut is permanent).

Dropbox fans would be wise to immediately treat themselves to this awesome app which will soup up your Dropbox experience with the elegant user interface while allowing for some advanced features not supported by Dropbox’s own app.

I'm talking stuff like moving an item in a folder via drag-and-drop, per-folder sorting, ZIP archive extraction, direct Dropbox-to-Dropbox transfer and lots more...

Boxie Dropbox client gets passcode protection, per-folder sorting and more

A new Dropbox client, Boxie by Gianluca Divisi and Matteo Lallone, has quickly earned our attention with its gorgeous user interface and a comprehensive set of effective features that make navigating and managing Dropbox files and folders a breeze.

Following on its mid-October release, the app which "prettifies your whole Dropbox experience" has received its first point update bringing a couple new features such as passcode protection, folder-by-folder sorting options, smart text auto selection and "tons of under-the-hood improvements and optimizations"...

New Boxie app promises to ‘prettify your Dropbox’

I've never thought that there was anything wrong with Dropbox's iPhone client. It works well enough for me. But there are some folks who think the app lacks features, is tough to use, and isn't visually appealing.

Well if you happen to fall into that category, you may be interested in Boxie. The app, which launched today, promises to 'prettify' your Dropbox with a clean, easy-to-use user interface and several handy features...