Boxie goes free: everyone can now prettify their Dropbox

Boxie 1.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

As a Dropbox power user on a daily basis, I am very dissatisfied with their mobile app because it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of advanced capabilities, so much so that I’ve recently become a Boxie convert and never looked back.

This awesome Dropbox client for the iPhone and iPad used to cost two bucks so I imagine the price tag must have put off a lot of would-be users, especially give Dropbox’s own official iPhone and iPad client is free in the App Store and good enough for most of casual Dropbox users.

Those who depend on Dropbox will be happy learning that developer Tapwings has now completely removed barrier to entry because starting today, you can download Boxie free from the App Store (the price cut is permanent).

Dropbox fans would be wise to immediately treat themselves to this awesome app which will soup up your Dropbox experience with the elegant user interface while allowing for some advanced features not supported by Dropbox’s own app.

I’m talking stuff like moving an item in a folder via drag-and-drop, per-folder sorting, ZIP archive extraction, direct Dropbox-to-Dropbox transfer and lots more…

The new Boxie version 1.2 introduces markdown documents support (plain text only), a new delete confirmation switch available within the app’s settings, localizations for French, Japanese and Russian, a FAQ in user settings and a bunch of fixes and tweaks.

boxie 2

Boxie now honors your Region Format in iOS Settings, uses Finder-like format for alphabetical order sort and clears notifications in the iOS Notification Center after you tap on them.

Oh, and they updated the app icon, too.

Boxie 1.2 for iOS (app icon, small)

Here’s everything that’s new in Boxie 1.2

– added In-App Purchase support with Pro features included in the Power pack
– updated plain text preview, with text encoding selection, markdown documents support (shown as plain text), tap to show/dismiss bars
– added delete confirmation in user settings
– fixed alphabetical order sort to be Finder-like
– fixed shared folder upload (now it is possible to upload to a shared folder, thanks to Dropbox staff for the support on this!)
– updated app icon
– updated date format to match the Region Format in iOS settings
– added FAQ screen in user settings
– added third-party screen in user settings
– added Twitter follow options in user settings
– fixed quick navigation menu tappable area
– fixed passcode potential issue when setting a time interval
– fixed occasional passcode hang
– fixed offline navigation issues with cached items
– notifications in Notification Center are now cleaned when tapping on them
– added localizations: French, Japanese, Russian
– various minor fixes and optimizations

Should the basic feature set in Boxie leave you wanting for more, Pro features are available as a $2.99 in-app purchase. If you previously bought Boxie, you’re automatically entitled to unlock the Pro features included in the Power pack for free.

Grab Boxie today for free from the App Store.