Vimeo app update brings back Search feature

vimeo ipad

Following the release of its big iOS 7 update, several users noticed that the ability to search for videos was gone from Vimeo’s app. And sure enough, the team confirmed it didn’t make the cut for their deadline.

But the good news is, a new update for the app posted today, bringing the iOS client to version 4.0.4. And it brings back the Search function, allowing you to get back to discovering new videos while on the go…

In the app’s change log, Vimeo simply says: “* Drumroll * Search is back on iPhone! Go forth and discover great vids.” And while that appears to be the only thing that’s changed in the update, it’s still significant.

As you can imagine, folks were fairly upset when the Search function disappeared from the app, and they took to the site’s forums to complain. Here are a few responses from the staff explaining what happened:

“The app shows your videos and the videos you subscribe to in your Feed (among other things). It also caches videos for offline playback. Again, we hope to add back in the functionality that everyone is asking for, this is merely the result of starting from scratch with iOS7.”

“Search is coming back real real soon. We had a crazy deadline to get this app ready for the iOS 7 launch. The beauty of iOS 7 is you’ll automatically get all the new updates to the Vimeo app (as long as you have it turned on).”

If you’re a Vimeo user, you’ll want to grab today’s update as soon as possible by either visiting the ‘Updates’ tab in the App Store, or by clicking here. The app is free and available for both the iPhone and iPad.