A running list of major iOS 7 app updates

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With Apple releasing iOS 7 today, a number of popular apps have posted updates in order to make sure they work properly with the new firmware. Some are just minor compatibility updates, and others are complete redesigns.

Instead of trying to do individual posts about each of these updates, we’ve decided to keep a running list of all of them so that you can get an idea of which applications have been updated and what the new versions look like…


What’s changed:

Say hello to Clear for iOS 7 – available for iPhone, iPod touch and (finally!) iPad in one Universal app. We hope you enjoy the refined UI that feels right at home on iOS 7, some new themes and iPad-only features:

• List Peek – Pull down with two fingers to preview a list in the sidebar.
• Easily move tasks between lists
• Even easier-to-find Settings – just swipe from the left edge of the screen!

Clear for iPhone also now shows you the list name when you’re viewing a set of tasks.


What’s changed:

The completely redesigned Evernote

Beautiful new look inspired by the clean, simplicity of iOS 7
• Smart layout shows only the features you need
• Quickly jump to your most recent notes from the home screen
• New audio recorder gives you space to type while you listen

Fast access to the app’s most used features
• New: Take a note immediately with Quicknote
• New: Create a Reminder right from the home screen
• New: Snap a quick photo note with one tap
• New: Redesigned note editor for faster and easier notes

Markup: Add arrows, shapes and text to images and PDFs
Background sync: Notes are always kept up-to-date
AirDrop: Share notes with people around you through AirDrop


What’s changed:

-Enjoy Flipboard now on iOS 7
-Parallax in iOS 7 brings your magazine covers to life
-Delete unwanted comments directly in your magazines
-More Report functions: report inappropriate users and comments
-Bug fixes and performance improvements
-Russian language support


What’s new:

Say hello to a leaner, cleaner RunKeeper!

We’ve totally revamped our experience for iOS 7 to focus more on your data and progress and less on a heavy design. In fact, we cleaned up the app up so much, your phone may actually feel lighter when you’re out on a run!

– Brand new look and feel!
– Overhauled “Start” screen experience!
– Easier access to logging workouts you forgot to track with RunKeeper (doh)!
– iOS7 Background fetch to make everything snappier when you launch the app!


What’s new:

○ Shazam welcomes iOS7 to the world with a fresh new look!
○ Share your Shazamed moments: Mention friends and places when you post to Facebook
○ Forgot what you Shazamed last night? Now you get a reminder of your most recent discovery when you open the app, and one simple tap to buy the track.
○ Want to buy what’s hot in London? You can now buy multiple tracks at once from our Explore charts.
○ Shazam now speaks Czech, Polish and Russian.
○ And once again, we’ve improved our recognition technology so we can recognize music even more quickly.


What’s new:

– iOS 7 bug fixes and optimizations

Pocket Casts

What’s new:

– Stunning new iOS 7 Design
– Automatic downloads: pressing buttons is for suckers
– Syncing! Sync where you’re up to, which podcasts you have and your custom filters and playlists to all your other iOS devices 🙂
– iPad: now supported, ain’t that a cool thing!
– There are hundreds of other powerful new features, we’ll let you discover those on your own. Try for example marking an episode as played with one simple right to left swipe 🙂


What’s new:

• The features you love on iPhone are now available on iPad. Add variety to your stations, view your thumb history, and see track lyrics.
• New upgraded look and feel for iOS7.
• Just swipe to explore without interrupting your music. The new third pane takes full advantage of your iPad, making it easier than ever to find new artists and tracks.


What’s new:

– Updated Icon
– Enhanced attachment experience – Larger image thumbnails open up into a full screen viewing experience.
– Better integration with Google apps – Google Drive and Google+ links go directly to the app, if installed. You can turn this off using the in-app settings.


What’s new:

The moment you update your phone to iOS 7, you’ll see a fresh coat of paint on Foursquare. We’ve fancied up the icon, updated the UI, and made it all work flawlessly in Apple’s new iOS. So, while you’re playing with your new operating system (or new phone!), you can keep using Foursquare as usual.

For those of you on iOS 6, this update features a few behind-the-scenes improvements.

We’ve got bigger updates coming soon, so stay tuned.


What’s new:

We’ve overhauled the entire Camera+ design and given it a brand new modernized look so it fits-in very nicely with iOS 7.
And we’ve also added a bunch of new and useful things…
• You can now send your photos to other apps like Instagram, Dropbox, and Evernote.
• Exposure compensation while taking photos: adjust for overly dark or bright lighting situations before you even shoot your photos.
• Printing: wirelessly send your photos to your AirPrint printer.
• Square crop in viewfinder enables you to shoot in the popular format without any extra editing steps.
• AirDrop: send your photos to your friends and family with minimal fuss & muss! (iOS 7 only)


What’s new:

– New look and feel for iOS 7
– Many search improvements make it easier to find the items you need
– Swipe to see search options
– Enhancements to saved searches/sellers
– Sellers, we have improved the upload speed when posting items for sale
– Support for seller store categories
– Edit your shipping address from your profile screen
– Remove single items from your recent search history. (yay)
– Improved currency conversions for our international customers.
– Many bug fixes and enhancements


What’s new:

• Updated user interface and visual appearance for latest OS
• Fetching of new tweets & sync position while in the background
• New bookmarking service: Safari Reading List
• New gesture: Tap & hold in-app browser’s mobilizer icon to enable by default
• New gesture: swipe from the left edge of the screen to open the sidebar
• Links can now be tweeted directly from within the in-app browser
• Added support for opening links in Chrome
• Drastic improvements to performance throughout the application
• User names, email, hashtags & stock symbols are now tappable in user bios
• New / Saved searches are separated into their own sidebar items
• Opening of links in an external browser from the timeline (tap & hold URL)
• Redesigned in-app browser’s interface for improved user experience

Scanner Pro

What’s new:

◆ Completely new flat design ◆
Your scans are the heart of new Scanner Pro design. You’ll like it.
◆ iOS 7 compatibility ◆
This version runs beautifully on the newest version of the iOS. We highly recommend anyone running iOS 7 to install this update.

Printer Pro

What’s new:

◆ Desktop Class Printing ◆
– Print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper
– Select which pages to print
– Choose page size and page orientation
◆ Completely new flat design ◆
Printer Pro 5 design perfectly fits to new iPhone. You’ll like it.
◆ iOS 7 compatibility ◆
This version runs beautifully on the newest version of the iOS. We highly recommend anyone running iOS 7 to install this update.


What’s new:

Major Update Includes Brand-New Design & Collections! Kindle Version 4 is beautifully redesigned around the themes of deference, clarity and depth. Collections give customers the ability to simply and easily organize their libraries.

Updates include:
• Collections: Easily categorize books, docs, and magazines with a few easy taps
• Flatter style controls create a sharp, new customer experience
• Translucency effects keep constant connection between customers and their content
• Slide-out menus in Library and Reader that combine key controls and glide to the touch
• Performance and Stability Improvements


What’s new:

– New look and feature enhancements for iOS7
– Improvements to Fullscreen behavior especially on iPad (iOS7 only)
– New Settings UI
– Maps and email links launch the Google Maps and Gmail apps (if installed) automatically. You can change your preference in Settings
– Stability / security improvements and bug fixes


What’s new:

 iOS7 update: lighter, faster and more focused

OmniFocus 2

What’s new:

We’ve refreshed the entire user interface for iOS 7. We’ve also gone deeper and reorganized some of the navigation to make it easier and more natural for you to quickly get ideas from your head to this app, and update them as you make progress towards your goals.

Use OmniFocus for iPhone on its own, or sync through the cloud with your other devices running OmniFocus (also available for iPad and Mac). Syncs can even happen when you’re not actively using OmniFocus, so that your information is ready when you are.


What’s new:

– Fresh New Design – Changes to every screen in Pocket, as well as a new app icon to complement the look and feel of the new version of iOS.
– Instant Background Sync – Pocket will now instantly sync in the background, even while the app is closed. (Requires iOS 7, and must be enabled in Options.)
– Faster List, Faster Overall – Tons of improvements to Pocket make the app feel speedier and more fluid, including faster list scrolling, searching and tagging.
– Gorgeous Updated Reading Experience – Reading articles in Pocket has gotten even better:
– Refined layout and typography, which ensures that headers, images and paragraphs all flow together seamlessly.
– Auto-fullscreen when you start scrolling in Article View, which delivers an immersive reading experience.
– Automatic adjustments to layout and formatting when adjusting text size, delivering the most readable view without having to adjust a lot of options.
– Justified text with real hyphenation, transforming the article into a layout that’s aligned with what you’d find in books and newspapers.


What’s new:

– Redesigned for iOS 7. Also compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 5.


What’s new:

Facebook has an all new look and feel for iOS 7.

Also in this update:
• Tap the bottom of your screen to quickly get to your Messages, Notifications and more (iPhone only)
• You can now use the app in Czech, Finnish, Polish, Swedish and traditional Chinese
• Bug fixes

Nike+ Running

What’s new:

Nike+ Running has been refined to work with Apple’s new iOS7 operating system.

Improved Locking
Hold down the lock button on the bottom of your screen to quickly lock and unlock your phone while running.


What’s new:

We’ve completely redesigned the OpenTable app for iOS 7 to help you find and book great places to eat – by focusing on new search features and a design that lets the restaurants shine.

Search, simply.
· Tap the in-line search bar to start exploring
· Search for restaurants by cuisine type
· Enter an address or city to find places nearby
· Customize the distance for your search
· Look up any OpenTable restaurant, not just those nearby

Savor the details.
· Swipe left and right to see all available tables for each restaurant
· Track your points progress towards your next rewards check
· Pull down on a restaurant profile to see the most loved dishes, and swipe to dismiss

We will continue adding to this list throughout the day as more updates become available. See something we’ve missed? Tell us about it in the comments below!