Apps of the Week: SXSW GO, CASHFLOW, Cryptocat, and more

Apps of the weekThis has been a great week for apps and games. New titles are coming out that are exciting, useful, and entertaining. Old titles are getting awesome updates to make them even better than before.

If you are like me, always searching for something new to try out in the App Store, we have a list of apps and games that will occupy your brain cells this weekend…

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep. 2

walking-dead-episode-2That’s right boys and girls. The second episode of the second season of everyone’s favorite zombie game is out. Clementine is still trying to make her way through a world ravaged by the undead and tainted by human nature. Every where she turns, she is only a stone’s throw away from death, but also closer to making it in this dark world with every step she takes. In episode 2, titled “A House Divided,” Clementine must decide whom to travel with on her next adventure. The wrong choice could lead to dire consequences. Although in this world, all consequences are dire. Episode 2 can be downloaded inside The Walking Dead Season 2 for $4.99.


DogginsDo you ever imagine that your dog has a secret life? Maybe, when you go to work, he actually pours himself a cup of coffee and reads the paper. Maybe, your pooch is a protector of all humankind, or at least dog kind. In this artistic puzzle game, players follow Doggins and his adventures on the moon, trying to defeat the diabolical genius squirrel, Fitzwilliam. This Cairn terrier has always dreamed of saving the universe and this night is no different than any others. Or, is it a dream at all? Solve the item-based puzzles to find out. This game is available on the iPad for $3.99.

Eets Munchies

Eets MunchiesSometimes, it seems like I would do anything in the world for a slice of cake. I’d jump over dogs, dance with hot peppers, and get shot out of a whale’s mouth if it meant that I’d get a bite of that sweet, sweet treat. Eets is the same way. He will do anything to get to his cake and it is your job to help him get there. Line up various items, like springboards, hot peppers, whales, and dogs to get him from the starting platform to his delicious confection. You can be the creator of Eet’s obstacles. Place all manner of items, obstacles, and more to make getting the cake harder than ever. This game is available for $2.99.


SXSW GOAustin’s biggest festival is only a few days away. The official mobile app for South by Southwest is designed to make attending the festival easier and more efficient. Check out the list of shows and create your personalize schedule, then log in to sync with all of your mobile devices. If you are going with friends, but attending different events, find them using the friend finder feature so you can meet up for drinks. The app includes a real-time chat room for event attendees, a lead generator for exhibitors, a 3-D map for the ACC Tradeshow, and more. You’ll always know where you are and where you want to be. This app is available for free.

CASHFLOW – The Investing Game

CashFlowWhen I was in middle school, my teachers would try to make the subject of budgeting fun. We’d play games, win tokens, and earn fake money for doing tasks in the classroom. To this day, I still balance a checkbook, even though my bank tracks every transaction I make. It’s just an old habit I learned from seventh grade math. This is a game, sure. But it is also an important learning tool for soon-to-be investors. You can try out different investment strategies, learn about real estate deals, and imagine what it would be like to get laid off when you have a mortgage, car payments, and two kids to take care of. The game of life can be won if you learn how to play it right. This app is available for $4.99.


cryptocatYou may think that you will never have anything to say that you don’t want someone else to know about. But, mark my words. There will come a day when a friend will have some insider information, or a coworker will have the scoop on what happened to Bill, and you will wonder for a brief moment, maybe longer, whether your chat client really is encrypted. Cryptocat is a third-party chat client that makes it possible for users to have an unbreakable encryption for text and chat conversations. Speak privately in groups or one-on-one without needing usernames, email addresses, or any kind of account. This app is available for free.

Primal Flame

Primal FlameI’m not afraid of the dark, unless I know there are bears in the woods. I’m not afraid of fire, unless it is not contained. I’m not afraid of flowers, unless they are trying to eat me. This arcade style game features darkness, fire, and flame-eating flowers. Strike a match to bring a little light into the room. Collect light seeds to keep your flame going. Cut flowers to the ground by burning off their stems. Watch out for the far-reaching flowers. If they grab your flame, you’ll be lost in the dark and need to strike the match again. Use light seeds to purchase new flames that have different effects. This game is available for $2.99.

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