Xbox One SmartGlass app updated with new UI, dedicated game clip hub

xbox one 2

Good news Xbox One owners, Microsoft has posted an update to its iOS SmartGlass client for the console this morning, bringing the app to version 2.3. The update includes a number of improvements, as well as a dedicated hub for clips you make with Game DVR.

The dedicated hub for Game DVR clips is a nice addition, as it allows you to view all of your gameplay clips in one spot. Want to show a friend that sweet kill you had in Call of Duty last night, or show them that awesome volley you had in FIFA? It’s all right there…

Here are the release notes for version 2.3:

What’s New in Version 2.3

•Bug fixes
•Added a dedicated hub for clips you make with Game DVR
•Now it is even easier to see who is online and what they are playing
•In Friends, the activity feed has a new look and feel
•Close snapped apps on Xbox One
•Improved help for Xbox One connection problems

For those unfamiliar with the SmartGlass app, it works both in the living room and on the go. In the living room it allows you to control your Xbox One console, and on the go you can use it to search and browse Xbox Live content, watch clips and message your friends.

Microsoft reportedly has some big plans for iOS, with a recent scoop by the Verge claiming that the tech giant plans to take on Apple’s Game Center with a more mobile-friendly version of Xbox Live. Gamers will be able to use it to find friends and track achievements.

But it sounds like all of that is a ways off, so in the meantime, Xbox owners should make sure to grab this SmartGlass app. You can find the latest version of the app, for both the iPhone and the iPad, in the App Store for free.