Apple has reportedly held internal discussions about launching a cloud gaming service

Technically speaking, after plenty of attention and pressure put on Apple, the company does allow for cloud-based streaming services to be used on its devices. However, it's not via the App Store, and it's not with an app via the App Store. Instead, services like Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google's Stadia, and Amazon's Luna are accessible via Safari. But it sounds like Apple's considered something else for its own service.

Microsoft Store for Windows now supports third-party stores

Way back in June of this year, Microsoft unveiled the next big update for Windows -- Windows 11. There was a lot to go over at the time, of course, but one of the biggest shining spots for Microsoft's upcoming desktop OS update was a change to the Microsoft Store. The company confirmed that the digital storefront would not only allow for developers to utilize their own payment options within apps, but that it would support Android apps, too.

Microsoft unveils Surface Duo 2, Pro 8, Laptop Studio, and Go 3

Today, Microsoft hosted its own event for the fall. Like Apple, the company had quite a few different products to show off. There's a new phone, a brand new Surface Pro that appears to add a lot of oft-requested features, a new inexpensive Go model, and, finally, a Laptop Studio for pro users. It's a lot of new Surface products!

Microsoft Office 2021 set to launch on October 5 [Updated]

Way back in February of this year, Microsoft announced that its newest version of its ridiculously popular suite of productivity apps, Office, would launch sometime later in the year. And now, all these months later, and just a few weeks out from the newest version of Windows arriving, we now know when we'll get to install the new Office. And it just so happens to coincide with the launch of the new version of the company's desktop OS.

Parallels plans to bring Windows 11 support to macOS

A promotional image from. Microsoft showing the Windows 11 desktop with light theme and the Start menu at the bottom center

It hasn't been all that long since Microsoft officially announced the next major update to its wildly popular Windows desktop operating system. With Windows 11, the company is welcoming a lot of big changes to the mix, some major polish across the UI, and much more. And support is in the works for macOS, too.