Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot is now available in any app via the SwiftKey keyboard

You can now access Bing’s AI chatbot and other AI-powered features in any app on your iPhone or Android device via Microsoft’s updated SwiftKey keyboard.

iPhone screenshots showcasing Bing's AI chatbot via the SwiftKey keyboard in Apple Messages
Bing’s AI chatbot in the Messages app | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB
  • What’s happening? Microsoft has updated its SwiftKey predictive keyboard app for the iPhone and iPad with Bing AI chatbot integration.
  • Why care? You can now access Bing’s AI chatbot in any app that supports typing simply by switching to the SwiftKey keyboard.
  • What to do? Update manually by clicking the Update button on the SwiftKey page on the App Store (Don’t see it? You already have the latest version!)

Microsoft integrates Bing AI chatbot into SwiftKey

After Microsoft integrated its Bing AI chatbot within the Edge, Skype and Bing apps, the feature has now launched in preview on the SwiftKey keyboard app. If you’ve cleared Microsoft’s waitlist (sign up at, you can use the following three AI-driven Bing features in SwiftKey: search, chat and tone change.

Switch to the SwiftKey keyboard in an app like Messages (touch and hold the globe key) and hit the Bing icon above the keyboard. From there, you can hit the small Search, Tone and Chat buttons to switch between these features.

  • Search: Run queries like finding images and restaurants, checking stocks, etc.
  • Tone: Rewrite any text between 3 and 200 characters long.
  • Chat: Interact with Microsoft’s GPT-like Bing AI chatbot.

The Tone feature can make your thoughts sound more professional, casual, polite or “concise enough for a social post,” reads the official Microsoft Bing blog. The Search feature is your regular Bing search integrated into the keyboard.

You must be signed in to your Microsoft account (and accepted into the Bing preview) to use Tone and Chat. The search feature is available anonymously.

Microsoft expands Bing’s AI features

With the Search functionality, you can quickly search the web from your keyboard without switching apps. “This can help while you’re talking to a friend and mid-conversation, you want to look up relevant information like the weather, restaurants near you or stock prices,” the company explains.

These new features are live in SwiftKey 3.0.1 for iOS and iPadOS. The Android edition of SwiftKey supports Bing’s AI chatbot, too.

Bing’s AI chatbot is also available via Microsoft Start news app and the Windows 11 taskbar, and is coming soon to Office apps like Teams, Word and Outlook.

SwiftKey is one of the best predictive keyboard apps on iOS and iPadOS that supports gestural typing, customization with themes and more. Microsoft has definitely made the right move by continuing the SwiftKey app’s development.