EasilyDo is a smart assistant that keeps you on top of things

EasilyDo 1If you thought your productivity app was good at keeping you connected to important information in your life, there may be more out there for you than you realize. Do you get notifications when important Facebook statuses are posted? When you receive an email from someone, can you automatically save it in your iPhone contacts? Can you send birthday wishes over Twitter?

You can do all of that, plus a whole lot more with EasilyDo. Get alerts for drive times, check flight statuses, track packages, auto-text contacts when you leave a location and much, much more, all from one useful app…

This app lets you connect to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to access contacts, get updates on events, find out about job changes in your network and even connect to conference calls.

Connect to Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, IMAP, and iCloud to save new email contacts, access boarding passes, track packages, see reservations for hotels, access tickets for events, RSVP to Evites and calendar events and more.

Connect to Dropbox, Evernote, and Box to automatically save attachments from emails. Add Salesforce to save recent contacts from emails.

EasilyDo 2

When you give permission to access your Calendar app, you can receive “Time to leave” alerts for meetings and appointments based on current traffic conditions, send messages to meeting attendees if you are running late, and even dial in to conference calls that utilize a passcode.

When you give permission to access your Contacts app, you will be able to merge duplicate contacts and save new ones to your iPhone. With the location tracker, you can find out traffic conditions, current weather, and send a text to a recipient when you leave a specific location.

If you don’t have a picture of your friend connected with his or her contact in your iPhone, use this app to grab their Facebook profile picture.

You will also get alerts when Apple adds a new App of the Week and Free Single of the Week (US only).

EasilyDo 3

You can toggle each one of the features on or off, depending on what you need to stay connected and organized. For example, you may want to keep informed about daily calendar events, but are uninterested in getting alerts for bad weather forecasts.

Some notifications have preferences that you can customize. For example, when someone’s birthday is coming up, you can schedule a time of day to send a pre-written “Happy Birthday” message. You can also automatically save pictures that you’ve been tagged in on Facebook to Dropbox or Evernote.

The list of features and preferences available goes on and on. EasilyDo is free. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of EasilyDo? Do you like the many features and preferences the app has to offer?