Google+ gains pinned posts, new location reporting and history settings, more

Google Plus 4.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Google Plus 4.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

It’s been a while since the Internet giant Google updated the Google+ client for the iPhone and iPad, available free of charge in the App Store. Last we heard, Google+ was refreshed more than three months ago with such new features as full-resolution photo and video backup, inline translations and the ability to share your location, to mention but a few.

In today’s Google+ update, the app has gained the ability to pin posts to the top of a community stream while allowing you to adjust your history settings and location reporting…

You can now adjust location reporting and history settings directly from the app. Previously, you’d visit your Google Account settings on the web to adjust these items.

Also new, in addition to bug fixes and performance improvements: you can now explore specific topics from the What’s Hot stream while community moderators can easily pin posts to the top of a community stream.

Speaking of Google apps, the company yesterday updated its free Hangouts app for iOS with additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

On a related note, the team at Pocket last week added an option to sign up and login to the service with your Google Account, so you no longer need to maintain and remember a separate username and password for Pocket.

Google+ 4.6.2 is available free in the App Store.

It requires iOS 6.0+ and is universal, so it runs natively on both the iPhone and iPad.