Jawbone’s new ‘UP Coffee’ app tracks how caffeine affects your sleep patterns

jawbone coffee 2

Popular accessory and wearables maker Jawbone has released an interesting new app for iPhone today. It’s called ‘UP Coffee,’ and it’s the first product from product from Jawbone Labs—an initiative that allows Jawbone employees get experimental with personal projects.

The purpose of UP Coffee is to help users understand how caffeine affects their sleep. Despite its name, users won’t need an UP band to use the app, and they don’t have to drink coffee. You can enter in virtually any caffeinated liquid you want, and watch the app do its thing…

From the App Store description:

Behind its delightful interface, Jawbone’s world-class data scientists crunch numbers so you can learn about your body’s reaction to caffeine effortlessly – without becoming jittery or disrupting your sleep. Pair with UP by Jawbone to find out if afternoon pick-me-ups keep you awake at night, by how much, and what you can do to sleep more soundly. Don’t have an UP band? No problem. UP Coffee is for all.

See how your caffeine levels change throughout the day as you down espressos, energy drinks and even chocolate. UP Coffee knows when you’re WIRED and how long it will take you to become SLEEP READY.

If you really want to get a clear picture of how your body reacts to caffeine, you’ll have to use the app every day for 7 days. This reveals your ‘Caffeine Persona.’ Use it for 3 more days and the app will tell you how the amount and times you drink caffeine relate to your sleep habits.

jawbone coffee 2

Admittedly, the concept behind UP Coffee is a bit different. And for those who don’t drink caffeine, or care about its effects, this app isn’t going to mean much. But there’s some interesting science at work here, and it’s clear that mobile tech and human health are on a collision course.

At any rate, if you want to check out Jawbone’s new UP Coffee app for yourself, you can find it in the App Store for free. It’s for iPhone only, and again no UP or other equipment is required. For people who do own an UP band, UP Coffee will share information with the main UP app.