Tikr puts a social twist on a countdown app

Tikr 1I am the kind of person that can’t stop thinking about fun things coming up in the future. I am especially bad with trips. I love to countdown the days until a big trip to Yosemite or Disneyland. I mark my calendar and tick off the days until it happens.

Tikr is a countdown app that does more than just offer a time counter. It also finds dates and events for you to track. You’ll never be without something to look forward to… Tikr 3If you like to follow tech, film, fashion, or politics and want to keep up to date on when something big is about to happen, use the discovery feed to find event listings with launch dates. Then, add those events to your list of things to countdown to.

For example, under Technology, you can track the next TED Talks event or find out when the Google Glass release date is. Then, tap the plus (+) button to add it to your upcoming events.

In the Upcoming section, you will see everything you saved, listed by soonest date. Scroll through the posts to keep track of upcoming events and how soon they will happen.

When you first get started, you will select a category to look for events in the Discovery section. For example, if you pick Movies, you’ll see a list of upcoming film release dates. If you select Holidays, you’ll see upcoming special dates, like St. Patrick’s Day and Tax day.

Tikr 2Select an event to see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until it happens. You can add it to your list of events to follow and share it with others through Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS.

If you have a personal event to countdown (like a trip to Disneyland this month), you can create one. Name the event, add the date and time, and include a picture. You can make events public or private. If this event is just for you, tap the lock icon to set it to private. If you don’t see an important date listed in the public feed that you think the world should know about, share it so others can be reminded.

You can also follow other Tikr users, invite friends to join you, leave comments on events, and get reminders for upcoming dates. You’ll be able to find something to look forward to for nearly every day of the year.

Note this video demo is for the older version of Tikr

Tikr is free. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you like to countdown to big events? What do you think of Tikr?