best ios 8.4 ipad jailbreak tweaks

It’s been a very long time since I made a post about jailbreak tweaks on the iPad, and as such, this post was long overdue. Although it’s nowhere near as popular as iPhone jailbreaking, iPad jailbreaks still have tons of perks. And while many of the same great jailbreak tweaks work well on the iPad, there are a few iPad exclusive or iPad-centric tweaks thrown into the mix to keep things spicy.

Want one of the best iPad experiences you can get? Then check out this video of the 20 best iPad jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.4.

Here are the tweaks showcased in this video:

If you want even more insightful coverage on these tweaks and others, then mosey on over to our jailbreak tweak and app page. It’s there where we post all of our coverage on the hundreds upon hundreds of jailbreak tweaks released on Cydia.

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By the way, how many of these tweaks have you tried on your jailbroken iPad? Is your iPad even jailbroken? Why or why not? Drop us a line below with your thoughts and opinions.

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  • Vvbreaker

    Sphereview and Dock will make the list mentiond above perfect!!

    • fb2

      Looks really awesome! …but not practical for me :/

    • M_Hawke

      Geez how is Spherical even practical?

      • Sketch

        It works actually. I have watchboard on my iPhone. It’s aweome. I guess it depends how many apps you. It’s easy for me to remember where my apps are

  • trove

    No mention of f.lux. Tsk tsk.

    • Actually it is in the video.

    • lemonhead

      He even had it enabled on some reviews :p

  • besrate hogsa

    Callbar for iPad is the best

  • besrate hogsa

    cydia was updated to version 1.1.20
    it looks like there was a problem with re-springing
    once it finished installing cydia installer cydia crashes

  • I prefer Filza instead of iFiles.
    Filza is really great!

    • Smasma

      At least you can reach app’s documents , which you can’t in ifile
      Moreover it’s a free tweak

      Guy i have a question
      i was able to open flash drive on my ipad by using camera connection kit and using ifile , but when i when i do the same thing nothing happen , i think the problem is because one of these two : ios 8 doesn’t support camera connection kit any more or the problem itself in my camera connection kit like it’s broken from inside or something like that , does anyone have an answer?

      • Frank

        same prob for me i used the usb adapter from Apple with some sticks but now it shows me that it cant work on ios 8.4

  • Naiki

    iFile is obsolete, Filza File Manager is much better.

  • alexk

    CallBar crashing phone all the time

  • Jane

    And the same video for iPhone?
    I’m not sure to JB my iPhone, I’m waiting for you @JeffBenjam:disqus

    • Andrew

      I’ve jailbroken my iphone. Runs extremely well. Tweaks help a lot.

  • Damian

    Instead of using NCpad, TinyBar is a much better choice

  • Croak

    Awesome Jeff, thanks. I honestely perfer Cylinder over Barrel, for both my iPhone and iPad. The blending options with Cylinder makes it hands down a hundred times better than Barrel.

  • BobNation

    Does anyone know if app sync works? I really want to try limelight streaming on my phone.

  • jebelius

    Is any1 having this problem every time i refresh cydia sources it updates all sources no problem but i cant get the newest tweaks time stamp is from few days ago? Ican get updates to my apps tho and when there is an update it updates the list too but without updates it wont? Some help would be great.

  • Frank

    I just Jb my ipad not my iphone. The iphone is okay for me with no Jb some Apps dont like it. My goal to Jb my ipad is it to make it work like a computer and that is what i want….my List

    iTransmissen 4 (Trorrent Stuff)
    icabmobile (dowload stuff from webspace, appstore)
    inzb (usenet for ios, appstore)
    BT Mouse and Trackpad (not working yet)
    DisplayOut (not working yet)
    Instatube, UltraTube Pro
    nplayer (appstore)
    Adblocker 2
    Mail more Photos
    Safari Full URL

    plus some small tweak like FolderCloser, DockColor and some more to make it more handy for my.

    I use an ipad Air 1 Wifi + Cell 64 gigs Jb on ios 8.4


    @Jeff it will be very nice when you guys can do report about how to make your ipad work like a computer THX

  • Damian


  • Andrew

    I would never recommend Barrel to anyone; I’d tell them to go with Cylinder, which is free and debatably better.