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iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 bring a far richer experience to the Weather app

Apple's line of tablets are pretty powerful and helpful. And while some folks might see plenty of shortcomings with iPadOS, it's also plenty useful. And it's getting better with iPadOS 16, which is expected to arrive later this fall. To that end, Apple is finally getting around to adding one of the most important apps the company's tablets have been missing for years.

iPadOS 16 may bring a major revamp to multitasking, making it more like a Mac

iPadOS is the software that helps differentiate the iPad lineup from the iPhone, even if it is technically based on iOS. And there are plenty of similarities, of course, especially when it comes to general features. But that's the idea. Bridge the gap between the two mobile operating systems, but also leave plenty of similarities so that they retain that helpfulness users have come to expect.

Gamevice launches a new gaming controller attachment for select iPad models

Gamevice has been offering a gaming controller attachment for the iPhone for quite some time. And for many Android-based devices, too. But, one thing that has been missing is a game controller for the iPad lineup. But that changes, with the company officially unveiling a brand new gaming controller attachment that will fit several different iPad models across Apple's range of tablets.