Gamevice launches a new gaming controller attachment for select iPad models

Gamevice has been offering a gaming controller attachment for the iPhone for quite some time. And for many Android-based devices, too. But, one thing that has been missing is a game controller for the iPad lineup. But that changes, with the company officially unveiling a brand new gaming controller attachment that will fit several different iPad models across Apple’s range of tablets.

Today, Gamevice has launched the brand new gaming rig for several different iPad models. As you can see from the image just above, and from various other similar gaming accessories, the controller itself attaches to both sides of the iPad. This essentially makes the iPad a handheld gaming device, which can be pretty handy. An accessory like this is perfect for gaming titles that really excel with external controllers, rather than relying on touchscreen controls.

To that end, Gamevice’s new gaming controller attachment fits around several different iPad models, including the fifth- through ninth-generation iPad, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 3.

Using an accessory like this means you can tap into the real potential of several different cloud streaming services out there, including Xbox Cloud Gaming (via Xbox Game Pass), or GeForce NOW, among others. Of course, it’s also a great option if you are an Apple Arcade subscriber, because there are several titles within that digital library that can take full advantage of a gaming accessory like Gamevice’s controller. And if you need help finding compatible games, the Gamevice Live app can help with that.

From the website:

Gamevice for iPad delivers next-gen gaming in the palm of your hands. Stream and play blockbuster titles like Halo Infinite, No Man’s Sky, Destiny 2 and more with the leading cloud gaming services including Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia, GeForce NOW and Amazon Luna. Play the latest native mobile games from Apple Arcade and the App Store including Apex Legends Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, Minecraft and many more.

Direct connection via iPhone’s Lightning port provides the lowest latency gameplay and pass through charging allows you to charge while you play. Support for 3.5mm audio headphones. Clickable full size analog thumbsticks and analog triggers deliver a true game console experience on your iPad.

But wait, there’s more. Gamevice also updated the iOS gaming controller attachment, too. This means it fits every current iPhone model available on the market, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 mini. It’s also compatible with current Android smartphones, too.

The brand new Gamevice iPad gaming controller is available now from the company’s website. It retails for $99.95.