Apple Arcade

Disney Melee Mania will let you duke it out with your favorite Disney characters exclusively on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is home to over 200 games right now. It's a rotating library, but, even so, there is a lot of content to choose from on a subscription service that retails for $4.99 per month. What's more, Apple and game developers keep working out deals to keep adding new titles. For instance, a brand new brawler with your favorite Disney characters.

Netflix Games is rolling out support for iOS devices

It has been a week since Netflix Games officially launched. This new feature baked right not the Netflix streaming service allows subscribers to access a handful of mobile games right on their devices. At first, the service was only available on Android devices. However, it didn't take long before Netflix confirmed iOS support was in the works.

‘Crossy Road’ is hopping its way over to Apple Arcade

Despite the fact Apple Arcade now has over 200 games in its library, there's still room for more. One of the biggest boons to the monthly subscription service was the adoption of classic titles. Or just reimagined versions of mega-popular games like Angry Birds and others. And now the ridiculously popular hopping game Crossy Road is getting the "+" treatment with a reimagined title heading to Apple's gaming service.

Tetris Beat is now available in Apple Arcade

The Apple Arcade has grown quite a bit since its initial launch, with the library of titles slowly expanding on a semi-regular basis. Apple now offers more than 200 games in the roster at this point, and it doesn't appear that the company is going to slow down anytime soon. And today sees one more joining the list.

The side-scrolling action game ‘Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls’ is heading to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade initially launched with the promise that the gaming service would host around 100 titles. That has changed quite a bit since the service's debut, though, with Apple Arcade now offering more than 200 games in its rotating roster. And it looks like another title is heading to the service at some point in the future, welcoming one of the most beloved franchises to the service whenever it happens.

Would you buy a new iPod?

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that in 2021, there is an iPod touch still available to buy. Apple actually launched the thing in early 2019, so it's not even that old! But with so many newer devices out there in the wild, especially the iPhone, no one could blame anyone for forgetting about the iPod.

How to cancel Apple Arcade subscription on iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV

Apple Arcade, launched back in September 2019, is a subscription service that provides access to exclusive games on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. When it first launched, there weren't a lot of titles available on the service. Fast forward to 2021, and we now have access to more than 180 amazing games. Apple charges a flat subscription fee every month, which gives you access to all the exclusive titles.