New Apple Arcade games in March 2023: Kimono Cats, Osmos+ and more

New Apple Arcade arrivals for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV in March 2023 include Kimono Cats and enhanced versions of three App Store games.

The March lineup beings a new game, dubbed Kimono Cats, along with Arcade versions of Osmos, Cludo and Human: Fall Flat with no ads, purchases or tracking.

The titles will be hitting Apple Arcade throughout the month. As always, they’re available with an Apple Arcade subscription at no extra charge. Hit the Get button on the game page to receive a notification when your download is available.

New Apple Arcade titles launching in March 2023

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Kimono Cats (March 3)

A new game from HumaNature Studios, Kimono Cats is billed as a charming title designed for all ages. After selecting your main cat and its companion, Kimon Cats sees you entertaining your cats at a Japanese “matsuri” festival.

This involves activities like throwing darts at moving bubbles, playing mini-games, encountering other characters and so forth. As you earn coins, you’ll be able to buy houses and various decorations to build your own village. You can even visit other players’ villages and leave gifts, messages and stamps in their guest books.

Kimono Cats supports iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS [App Store link].

Osmos+ (March 17)

Osmos from Hemisphere Games is among the longest-standing App Store classics. Sporting physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals and a minimalist electronic soundtrack, this game challenges you to grow yourself by absorbing other motes.

Touch anywhere to eject water and propel yourself, but there’s Catch 22: ejecting matter also shrinks you. Cosmos+ includes 50 levels and more bonus content across several ambient worlds such as Solar, Antimatter, Warped Chaos and Epicycles.

Osmos+ supports iOS and iPadOS [App Store link].

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game+ (March 24)

Marmalade Studio specializes in digital versions of classic board games like Monopoly and Battleship. Its Apple Arcade version of the original Hasbro board game is a classic whodunit murder mystery that’ll put your gray matter at work.

There are ten different themed boards to explore, including Tudor Mansion, Egyptian Adventure, Tropical Mystery, Venetian Masquerade, Wild West and more. The game includes single-player, online multiplayer and local multiplayer modes allowing you to play solo or against people worldwide or nearby friends.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game+ supports iOS and iPadOS [App Store link].

Human: Fall Flat+ (March 31)

505 Games has created an Apple Arcade version of its third-person puzzler, Human: Fall Flat, set in a surreal world. Your character Bob is tasked with escaping the dreams of falling by solving puzzles “with nothing but your wits and physics.”

The hilarious game offers multiple ways to solve puzzles to keep things interesting. It can be as simple as opening that mysterious door or as unexpected as throwing a speaker set out the window. Environments include mansions, castles, Aztec adventures, snowy mountains, eerie nightscapes, industrial complexes, etc. The trailer above is for the originakl App Store version which was released in 2016.

Human: Fall Flat+ supports iOS and iPadOS [App Store link].

How to view a list of upcoming Apple Arcade games

To see a list of upcoming Apple Arcade titles, hit the Arcade tab in the App Store on your device, then scroll down and touch the option See All Games. Click Filters at the top to narrow the list by release date, then turn on the Coming Soon filter.

Apple may remove some tiles from the catalog due to poor engagement, usually when contracts with their developers expire. Removed titles are available on Arcade for two more weeks. Read: How to use a Nintendo controller on Apple devices

How to get Apple Arcade for free

Apple Arcade gives you access to a growing library of over 200 games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. All titles available on the service come without ads, tracking and in-app purchases. Apple Arcade costs $5/month after a free one-month trial. The service is included in all Apple One subscription bundles.

You get three free months of Apple Arcade with a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV purchase. More info about Apple Arcade is available at

Apple Arcade is not a game-streaming service—each title must be downloaded to execute locally on the device. Many titles support compatible Sony, Microsoft and MFi controllers. And with iOS 16, you can also use Nintendo’s Joy-Con and Switch Pro. Read: How to switch Apple Arcade users on Apple TV