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Retro review: Tiny Wings

With over 12 million copies sold, Tiny Wings seem to be forgotten by its developer, but does that mean we should forget about it too? Find out in today’s retro review as we check out the 2011’s Flappy Bird.

Retro review: Badland

If you haven’t played this game and you’re thinking about whether you should get it or not, then you’re in the right place as we retro review Badland to see if it’s still as good as it once was.

Retro review: Shadowgun

Shadowgun came out 8 years ago. It was a great experience that showed me what mobile gaming could be in the future. Now, we’re in the future, and we have many more shooter games, including sequels to Shadowgun. So, is it still worth spending 5 bucks to play it?

Retro review: Angry Birds 2

Almost 10 years later, the birds’ franchise is still around. And with a sequel that no one asked for, to a movie that no one asked for, I wanted to do something special for this occasion. That’s why we’ll be taking a look at Angry Birds 2.

Retro review: Fruit Ninja

The Fruit Ninja series is still popular, addictive and tasty. But, we’re not here for the current state of the game. Instead, we’re interested in its past as we take a look at the original, the classic, the one that started it all: Fruit Ninja.

Retro review: Doodle Jump

Ten years later, does Doodle Jump still deserve a place on your device? Or is it better to just remember it as a classic mobile game? That’s what we’re going to discuss here as we go back in time and review Doodle Jump.