New Apple Arcade games in February 2023: Castle Crumble, Riptide GP: Renegade+, Farmside and Lifeline+

New Apple Arcade games arriving in February 2023 include two App Store classics, alongside new releases Castle Crumble and Farmside.

The February lineup includes App Store classics, Riptide GP: Renegade and Lifeline, and two new titles making their Apple Arcade debut, Castle Crumble and Farmside.

These games will be launching on Apple Arcade throughout the month. Hit the Get button on a game’s page to receive a notification when it’s available to download.

New Apple Arcade titles launching in February 2023

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Castle Crumble (February 3)

Banner for the Castle Crumble game
Image: Chrisitan Zibreg/iDB

Created by the same team that brought you Spire Blast, Castle Crumble is a new release from Orbital Knight. It’s a game about creative destruction in which you must smash castles across different periods in human history, like the Medieval and Aztec. Physics-based mechanics, coupled with various explosives and spells at the player’s disposal, should ensure that the game lives up to its name.

Castle Crumble supports iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS [App Store link].

Riptide GP: Renegade+ (February 10)

Banner for the Riptide GP: Renegade+ game
Image: Vector Unit

Riptide GP: Renegade+ is an Apple Arcade version of Vector Unit’ss existing App Store title, but without in-app purchases and advertising. If you like rocket-powered water racing akin to games like Wave Race 64, then this one’s for you. You’re a hidrojet rider forced to participate in illegal hydrogen racing through city waterways, flooded ruins, churning factories and more.

The game includes a single-player career mode and online multiplayer. You can unlock new vehicles, playable characters and customization features, have fun in the ghost-racing challenge mode, compete with your Game Center friends on leaderboards, unlock various achievements and more.

Riptide GP: Renegade+ supports iOS, iPadOS and tvOS [App Store link].

Farmside (February 17)

Crafted by long-standing developer Team 17 (the brains behind the Worms franchise), Farmside is a brand-new release on Apple Arcade. This farm-building simulator lets you create a farm of your dreams from scratch, plus decorate it with various customizations and expand it to new territories.

You’ll need to place plots, plant crops, harvest, build orchards, as well as raise domestic animals like chickens and cows. You can use the produce from crops, orchards and animals to cook unique recipes and fill orders from townsfolk.

“Everything on the farm can be placed freely and they all have their own characteristics, such as fences that will stop chickens from running around, street lights that automatically light up the farm at night, and pavement that provides safe walkway for your avatar”” reads the description.

Farmside supports iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS [App Store link].

Lifeline+ (February 24)

Banner for the Lifeline game
Image: 3 Minute Games

The original texting adventure from 3 Minute Games is back with an Apple Arcade treatment. Lifeline+ has you interacting with Taylor through her communicator.

Taylor is lost in space after a crash landing on an alien moon and needs your help to survive. The game was designed to be played in bite-sized chunks—notifications deliver messages from Taylor throughout the day, allowing you to plot her next move whenever you have a few minutes to kill.

The story behind this unique narrative experience was penned by writer Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us). The game has many possible outcomes, depending on your actions, and there are a hundred puzzles to solve, with developers promising more via free updates.

Lifeline+ supports iOS and iPadOS [App Store link].

How to view a list of upcoming Apple Arcade games

To see a list of upcoming titles, hit the Arcade tab in the App Store on your device, then scroll down and touch the option See All Games. On the next screen, click Filters to narrow the list by release date and turn on the Coming Soon filter.

Apple may remove some tiles from the catalog due to poor engagement, usually when contracts with their developers expire. Removed titles are available on Arcade for two more weeks. Read: How to use a Nintendo controller on Apple devices

How to get Apple Arcade for free

Apple Arcade gives you access to a growing library of over 200 games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. All titles available on the service come without ads, tracking and in-app purchases. Apple Arcade costs $5/month after a free one-month trial. The service is included in all Apple One subscription bundles.

You get three free months of Apple Arcade with a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV purchase. More info about Apple Arcade is available at

Apple Arcade is not a game-streaming service—each title must be downloaded to execute locally on the device. Many titles support compatible Sony, Microsoft and MFi controllers. And with iOS 16, you can also use Nintendo’s Joy-Con and Switch Pro. Read: How to switch Apple Arcade users on Apple TV