How to switch users in Apple Arcade on Apple TV

Apple Arcade on Apple TV

As with other features that arrived with tvOS 14, like audio sharing and expanded picture-in-picture options, came a feature that gamers will enjoy. You can switch between users while playing a game in Apple Arcade.

With this multiplayer support and your Apple Arcade subscription, switching to another user lets them continue playing a game where they left off, view their achievements, check progress, and see what friends are playing. Here’s how to easily switch users for Apple Arcade on Apple TV.

Requirements for switching Apple Arcade players

Like with any new feature, first make sure that your devices have the necessary requirements. We list them for you below along with how-tos for detailed help if you need it.

You’ll need to upgrade your Apple TV to tvOS 14 or later. Follow our tutorial for assistance updating your Apple TV software.

Be sure all users are set up and signed in on your Apple TV. If you haven’t done this yet, check out our walk through for setting up multiple users on Apple TV.

Have an active Apple Arcade subscription for the users you’ll be switching between. For more on Apple Arcade’s features and how to subscribe, take a look at our tutorial.

How to switch Apple Arcade users on Apple TV

If you meet the requirements above, then switching between users is super simple.

1) Open Apple Arcade on your Apple TV.

2) Press and hold the Home button on your Siri or Apple TV Remote to open the Control Center.

3) Swipe up with the touch pad to the users at the top of the side bar and select the user you want.

 Switch Users in Apple Arcade on Apple TV

You’ll then see the user being changed on your Apple TV along with Apple Arcade welcoming the other user.

 Switching Users in Apple Arcade on Apple TV

Wrapping it up

It’s those little things that we appreciate most sometimes. And if you share your Apple TV and even your Apple Arcade subscription with others in your home, you’ll all like this multiuser support feature.

Is this one of the features that came with tvOS 14 you like most? Or are you happiest with a different one? Let us know!