The first two Monument Valley games are coming to Netflix in 2024

The first two Monument Valley titles launching on Netflix in 2024 will be the same as the iPhone versions, including in-app purchases.

Banner advertising the first two Monument Valley games coming to Netflix in 2024
Monument Valley is available on Apple Arcade | Image: Ustwo Games/Twitter
  • What’s happening? The fledgling Netflix gaming service will add two games from the award-winning Monument Valley franchise next year.
  • Why care? These games are currently available on Apple Arcade. If Netflix adds them, that could mean that the Monument Valley titles will be leaving Apple’s games-subscription service next year.
  • What to do? Check out Monument Valley on Apple Arcade if you haven’t already.

The Monument Valley games are coming to Netflix

According to the Netflix blog, both Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 by Ustwo will be available to Netflix subscribers starting in 2024.

Like other Netflix games, the titles will be playable with no additional charge as long as you have a subscription. Netflix versions of the games will be the same as their iPhone counterparts and come with all in-app purchases.

This isn’t the first popular iPhone game to expand to Netflix. Canadian developer Snow, known for its Alto’s Adventure franchise, recently announced that its new title Laya’s Horizon will launch on Netflix Games.

Since its inception in November 2021, Netflix Games has amassed 55 titles so far.

What about Monument Valley on Apple Arcade?

This is important news because Monument Valley is not just any game. This surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry debuted on the iOS platform in April 2014 but has since expanded to other platforms like Windows, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Many titles launch on Apple Arcade with an exclusivity window. Apple typically removes games from the service when its contract with the developer expires, usually due to low engagement. After a game’s exclusivity expires, its developer can bring the title to other platforms without retribution from Apple.

Whether the Monument Valley games will be available on Apple Arcade and Netflix simultaneously in 2024 or only on Netflix is unclear.

The video-streaming service also announced more than 40 mobile games that it will release this year, with 70 additional titles in development. Terra Nil from Free Lives will launch on March 28 and Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace is coming on April 18.

A Netflix cloud-gaming service

Netflix is also working on a cloud-gaming service that will let you play games over the internet without downloading and installing anything.

Currently, you can see information about games in the Netflix app, but you must download a title from the App Store to actually play it. The ultimate goal is ensuring games can be played wherever you have Netflix.

“We do believe that cloud gaming will enable us to provide that easy access to games on any screen, says Mike Verdi, Netflix’s vice president of gaming. “Our overall vision is that our member can play games on any Netflix device they have.”

A cloud-gaming service from Netflix is still in the early stage of development, and it could be years before it arrives. Conveniently, the new EU rules will force Apple to allow alternative app stores and sideloading on its iPhone. Microsoft is already working on an iPhone app store dedicated to Xbox cloud gaming.