Razer launches Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller for iPhone

One of the reasons why Nintendo's Switch is so popular is its mobility, while still also working great as a home video game console. Which is why mobile gaming controllers, like the Kishi from Razer, are also pretty popular in their own right. The accessory attaches directly to your iPhone (or Android devices, depending on support), letting gamers get even more control out of their games.

Gamevice launches a new gaming controller attachment for select iPad models

Gamevice has been offering a gaming controller attachment for the iPhone for quite some time. And for many Android-based devices, too. But, one thing that has been missing is a game controller for the iPad lineup. But that changes, with the company officially unveiling a brand new gaming controller attachment that will fit several different iPad models across Apple's range of tablets.

Microsoft’s ‘Keystone’ cloud streaming device may take on the Apple TV in the future

At one point in the past, Microsoft was putting a lot of the company's eggs on a future focused almost entirely on streaming entertainment. So much so that one of its previous video game consoles, the Xbox One, was practically kneecapped right out of the gate because of Microsoft's vision for the future. Things didn't pan out that way, though, and now, with the Xbox Series S and Series X, Microsoft's back on track. But that doesn't mean the company has given up on that particular dream.