Pokémon Unite launches on iOS and Android September 22

Pokémon has a lot of games out there, mostly dedicated to Nintendo's various consoles. One of the areas it could use some growth, though, is mobile. Which is strange, considering so many people would download and play more games featuring the (mostly) adorable pocket monsters. Just like we saw with Pokémon GO. And maybe now we'll see that all over again.

The side-scrolling action game ‘Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls’ is heading to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade initially launched with the promise that the gaming service would host around 100 titles. That has changed quite a bit since the service's debut, though, with Apple Arcade now offering more than 200 games in its rotating roster. And it looks like another title is heading to the service at some point in the future, welcoming one of the most beloved franchises to the service whenever it happens.

Microsoft is bringing xCloud game streaming to iPhone, iPad, and Mac out of beta soon with a significant boost to performance

It took a bit of doing, but Microsoft (like other companies) figured out the "best way" to get its cloud game streaming aspirations on iPhone and iPad: web browsers. Microsoft launched its xCloud game streaming service in a beta earlier this year. But now the company has confirmed a broader launch is coming soon, and with one very important change along with it.