iPadOS 16 may bring a major revamp to multitasking, making it more like a Mac

iPadOS is the software that helps differentiate the iPad lineup from the iPhone, even if it is technically based on iOS. And there are plenty of similarities, of course, especially when it comes to general features. But that’s the idea. Bridge the gap between the two mobile operating systems, but also leave plenty of similarities so that they retain that helpfulness users have come to expect.

But, while Apple has said over and over again that it does not plan to merge macOS and iPadOS, the company’s goals to make the latter platform as similar to the former has not gone unnoticed. Of course, it helps that Apple bills the iPad as your next computer, which means it should bear more similarity to the desktop one owner might be replacing. And there’s certainly still some room to grow in this department.

And we may see one big step in the right direction at this year’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is set to kick off on Monday, June 6. It’s at the keynote speech, which will include Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and several other individuals, where we’ll see the next version of iPadOS –iPadOS 16– get unveiled.

And then we’ll see a lot of features that the company wants to show off. Which may include a revamped multitasking element for the tablet operating system. That’s according to a new report from Bloomberg, which states Apple’s planned changes for the mobile OS are focused on making the tablet even more like a laptop.

The report says Apple is going to make the software show which apps are open in an easier and more streamlined way, and swapping between these apps will be easier than it already is, too. What’s more, though, and something that could be a big win for the folks out there who own particularly large tablets, Apple’s going to make it possible to resize windows.

It all sounds very Mac-like, to be sure. And could be a welcomed change. The report tells us that this particular change for iPadOS is going be one of the hallmark announcements at the keynote, interestingly enough. So one would imagine Apple will spend some time on the feature, showing it off properly.

Well then, we’ll have to wait and see how this all goes. If this turns out to be true, are you looking forward to the release of iPadOS 16 later this year?