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Is it time for iPadOS to add multiuser support?

The iPad is a great device. So is the iPad Air and the iPad mini and the iPad Pro. Which, when you look at it like that, shows us that Apple might have too many iPad models. Does Apple really need four different models, which even includes two variants with different screen sizes for the Pros? It does if it really, really wants to keep avoiding multiuser support!

New iPad mini wallpapers for iPhone

Of the devices Apple announced in September 2021, the all 6th-generation iPad mini is getting a lot of attention. The fun sized device now includes an edge to edge screen and a Touch ID power button like its larger predecessor the iPad Air. Adding to the playfulness, Apple added more color ways and included iPad mini wallpapers that match each hardware version.

Do you carry two primary devices with you all the time?

The iPad mini is a tablet that I've always wanted, ever since it was first unveiled. It was so cool looking, seemed super useful for certain situations, and that portability was top notch. And yet, over the years, I've picked one up here and there but I've never kept it. The same can be said for the newest variant of the long running small tablet lineup, too.

The iPad mini 6 volume buttons change their input based on orientation

The all-new, redesigned iPad mini features plenty of noteworthy elements. That includes the "all-screen" design thanks to its smaller bezels, Touch ID built into the top button, and a USB-C port. Among other things. But it looks like Apple slipped in another detail, tied to what many would consider is one of the more boring elements of the tablet.

What do you use your iPad mini for the most?

Apple's marketing image showing iPad mini, model year 2021, held in a male's right hand

I don't know about you, but before I consider picking up a new device I usually go over the reasons why I need it. That starts with why I want it, of course, but before I'll pull the trigger on a purchase I at least need to tell myself I'll use it. And, depending on the device and just how expensive it is, that justification is a requirement. Because if I end up buying something and then not using it for a few days, or longer, I tend to return it or sell it off.

Compared: iPad mini 6 vs iPad mini 5

Apple's California Streaming event wrapped up pretty quickly, all things considered. The company unveiled a handful of new products, including the iPhone 13 lineup. But arguably the star of the show was the brand new, oft-rumored, all-new redesigned iPad mini.