New iPad mini wallpapers for iPhone

Of the devices Apple announced in September 2021, the all 6th-generation iPad mini is getting a lot of attention. The fun sized device now includes an edge to edge screen and a Touch ID power button like its larger predecessor the iPad Air. Adding to the playfulness, Apple added more color ways and included iPad mini wallpapers that match each hardware version.

2021 iPad mini wallpapers for iPhone

Borrowing from the official iPad mini wallpaper design aesthetic, @AR72014 crafted these iPhone-specific iPad mini wallpapers. Check him out on Twitter for regular downloads and give our own iDB AR7 gallery a scan for some incredible imagery.

Not surprisingly, I really like the purple version of this wallpaper pack. The colors and tones make it the most visually pleasing to me. I suppose this makes sense, given I have simply seen it the most. Apple is using the purple iPad mini as the flagship color and pushing it in almost all advertising images and sending it for review to the YouTube review community.


iPad mini Starlight advertising wallpaper optimized for iPhone

iPad mini 2021 advertising wallpaper AR72014 iDownloadBlog Space Gray

The new 2021 iPad mini Space Gray advertising wallpaper for iPhone

The purple iPad mini 2021 advertising wallpaper optimized for iPhone

Optimized for iPhone, the 2021 all new iPad mini pink wallpaper

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