Creative wallpaper designs inspired by iPhone 13 devices

Apple launched some really cool device wallpapers with this year’s iPhone 13 devices and we have the official images for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro all ready for download. We also featured the official iPad mini 6 wallpapers for your downloading pleasure. But we don’t stop here and have more background images today for you to use on your iPhone.

iPhone 13 inspired wallpaper designs

The following collection of images was inspired by the official Apple designs. The following downloads are from two digital artists who took cues from the stock designs and put a “twist” on their own options.

First, is a set of iPhone 13 inspired designs, which take both design cues and color pallets from the official versions. Digital artist @EvgeniyZemelko took to the canvas and offered these options below.

Purple, pink, and green inspired iPhone 13 wallpaper designs

Blue, pink, and green inspired iPhone 13 advertising wallpaper designs

Green and blue inspired wallpapers designed after the iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Pro lights inspired design with multiple color and light gradients

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro mashup wallpapers

Next is a smash of the iPhone 13 “twist” wallpaper and the iPhone 13 Pro device colors. From sierra blue to, gold, silver, and graphite, each subsequent image combines the iPhone 13 stock wallpaper with the more ‘pro’ device colors from the more expensive devices.

The four wallpaper set is the work of @jonnyb098.

Sierra blue iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 advertising wallpaper mashup

iPhone 13 device mashup wallpapers in Graphite

Gold mashup wallpaper of iPhone 13 device advertising wallpapers

Mashup in silver between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro advertising wallpapers

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More iPhone 13 inspired wallpapers

iPhone 13 pro inspired wallpaper birchtree idownloadblog mockup

iPhone 13 inspired backgrounds