Download the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers

On September 14, 2021, Tim Cook and company announced the newest flagship iPhone devices. Each new device is advertised with a great image, but it is never released. Thankfully, with the help of the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week community, we have the official iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers for iOS 15, extracted from the final release candidate.

iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers

There are a lot of exciting reasons to upgrade to the new iPhone 13 devices, especially if you are on an iPhone 11 or newer. Some of the upgrades may seem incremental to users with an iPhone 12. Naturally, Apple touted the new camera technology as one of the biggest upgrades, with some other items coming in tow, like increased refresh rate and a smaller notch. With these incredible wallpapers now at your finger tips, you don’t need to upgrade to refresh your background!

Our thanks to @Red1860 for the quick work today. Red was able to make lite work of the iOS 15 file, grabbing the official wallpapers for both the upcoming iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro devices.

Blue light beams iPhone 13 Pro iOS 15 official wallpaper

Dark mode blue beams iPhone 13 Pro wallpaper for iOS 15

Graphite iPhone 13 Pro pink advertising wallpaper from iOS 15

Dark mode iPhone 13 Pro official iOS 15 Apple wallpaper

Light mode gold beams iPhone 13 Pro wallpaper

Gold dark mode iOS 15 iPhone 13 Pro wallpaper

Silver iPhone 13 Pro official wallpaper from iOS 15

Dark mode iPhone 13 Pro Silver iOS 15 wallpaper

iPhone 13 wallpapers

White twist iPhone 13 wallpaper in light mode

Dark mode white iPhone 13 wallpaper in green and pink

Red twist iPhone 13 wallpaper in light mode

Dark mode red twisted wallpaper from iOS 15 for iPhone 13

Official pink wallpaper for iPhone 13 in twisted design for light mode

Dark mode pink twisted iPhone 13 official wallpaper

Light mode twisted blue and pink iPhone 13 wallpaper

Dark mode blue twisted iOS 15 iPhone 13 wallpaper

Light mode black twisted iPhone 13 iOS 15 official wallpaper

Black dark mode iOS 15 wallpaper for iPhone 13

Editors note: This article was originally posted with artists’ renditions of the official wallpapers. The article is now updated with the actual wallpaper files pulled directly from the iOS 15 RC file.

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iPhone 13 pro inspired wallpaper birchtree idownloadblog mockup

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