Apple reduces the overall trade-in values for Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch

Typically speaking, Apple isn’t the highest payout when it comes to offering trade-in values. But, they aren’t the worst, either. And of course, trade-in values will continue to vary on a semi-regular basis, just as we’re seeing recently.

As reported first by MacRumors, Apple has opted to reduce the overall trade-in values for a range of different products. Prices have dropped for the MacBook lineup, iMac, and Mac Pro; the iPad lineup; and a variety of different Apple Watch variants. In fact, Apple was taking trade-ins for the Apple Watch Series 2 not too long ago, offering up to $20 for the smartwatch, but that is no longer the case at all.

The good news? iPhone values remain untouched for the time being.

So, how’s everything break down now? Take a gander:


  • Mac Pro: Up to $2,000 (down from $2,720)
  • iMac Pro: Up to $1,500 (down from $2,135)
  • iMac: Up to $850 (down from $1,200)
  • MacBook: Up to $220 (down from $315)
  • MacBook Air: Up to $400 (down from $490)
  • MacBook Pro: Up to $1,000 (down from $1,350)


  • iPad: Up to $190 (down from $200)
  • iPad Air: Up to $190 (down from $335)
  • iPad mini: Up to $200 (down from $205)
  • iPad Pro: Up to $655 (down from $680)

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch Series 3: Up to $50 (down from $70)
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Up to $85 (down from $105)
  • Apple Watch Series 5: Up to $120 (down from $135)
  • Apple Watch Series 6: Up to $150 (down from $170)
  • Apple Watch SE: Up to $120 (down from $135)

Some trade-in value alterations are bigger than others. Some of them are pretty significant, even. But, it’s simply par for the course. These types of changes happen all the time. And let’s not forget that values can actually go up, too.

But, for now, this is how it all shakes out. So if you’re looking to trade in one of your devices, make sure to check up on all your available resources to make sure you get the best value.