Some iPad mini 6 owners report charging issues following the iPadOS 15.5 update

Following the iPadOS 15.5 update, an unknown number of iPad mini owners have been complaining about intermittent charging issues plaguing their Apple tablet.

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Charging problems after the iPadOS 15.5 update? | Image: Apple
  • Some iPad mini 6 owners claim Apple’s iPadOS 15.5 update broke charging, taking to online forums and social media to vent their frustration.
  • No hardware recall! Apple says this is a problem that’s rooted in software. It’s not a hardware problem and replacing the battery does nothing to fix it.
  • In fact, Apple argues, issuing a replacement unit may not resolve the issue either.

iPad mini 6 failing to charge after updating to iPadOS 15.5?

Which is to say, if you’ve been unable to charge your iPad mini 6 properly after updating to iPadOS 15.5, which launched in May, then you’re definitely not alone. According to posts on Apple’s own forums, an unknown percentage of iPad mini 6 owners seems to be affected by the charging problem. So far, the issue is limited to Apple’s latest iPad minis and only manifests itself after an update to iPadOS 15.5. In other words, this strongly indicates that the charging problem is software rather than hardware-based. Read: Tips for how to use AssistiveTouch on iPad

Appel confirms it’s a software issue

The company sent a memo to its authorized service providers in which it acknowledges the charging issue. The memo, obtained by MacRumors, confirms that the Cupertino company is currently investigating this apparent bug.

In the memo sent to authorized service providers, Apple said that it’s aware that some users may report the latest ‌iPad mini‌ as unable to charge after updating to iPadOS 15.5. Apple is advising that service providers and retail staff inform customers to restart the device as a temporary fix while the investigation is ongoing.

So far, the charging bug seems to only affect the iPad mini 6. We’ll be making sure to update you on the situation so keep your eyes peeled.

How to fix iPad mini 6 not charging in iPadOS 15.5

According to Apple’s memo, this is a software bug. Some folks suspected there was something wrong with the iPad mini 6 itself, but Apple says the charging issue is not caused by faulty hardware. Meaning, no product recall. In fact, swapping an affected unit for a brand new iPad mini might not solve the issue. Neither would replacing the battery, Apple continues. But we know what will: A future iOS update!

Until Apple does release a fix, however, there’s nothing in particular your could do to alleviate the problem. Apple recommends restarting the device when it starts exhibiting charging issues but that’s just a temporary fix. If you have already updated your iPad mini to iPadOS 15.5, then there’s nothing to do until a fix arrives in a future iOS update. If you’re still on an older iPadOS version, then be sure not to update your iPad mini to iPadOS 15.5 until a fix is available.