WWDC 2013 iOS 7

Well, that’s all folks. Apple’s highly anticipated WWDC keynote has come, and gone. All announcements have been made, all new software and products have been unveiled, and now the day is coming to a close.

A lot has happened in the last 10 hours, with a new version of Mac OS X, iOS and new Macs all making an appearance during today’s event. And we understand that it might have been difficult to keep track of it all, so we’ve put together this awesome roundup of everything important that happened today…

OS X 10.9 Mavericks

OS X Mavericks hero

New Macs and other hardware

WWDC 2013 MacBook Air

iOS 7

iOS 7 Home screen

Other stuff to check out

And that should do it. We would like to thank you for choosing to hang out with us today, and we hope you had as much fun as we did. Make sure you stay tuned to iDB tonight and throughout the week as we continue our coverage of iOS 7.

  • Keyan Fayaz

    WWDC 2013 = Success

    • Greg

      Nope. Apple’s stock price dropped almost as soon as they unveiled iOS, and it is still down. This shows the investors, who are very important to Apple, have no faith in iOS, as do many of it’s now former users (like me). Meanwhile, at the time Apple stock price dropped, Google’s began to rise.

      Why vote down my comment? It’s the truth.

      By the way, Apple’s stock low today was 437.44.

      • Indy

        Stock prices are based on expectations, nothing is ever good enough for investors. Besides the purpose of WWDC was not to impress investors, rather showcase the future of iOS for consumers – the people who actually use it

      • Greg

        Really? Why exactly does Apple give off a bunch of stats on how good their products are doing. For the investors, and at the point the stocks dropped, it wasn’t all expectations. They had seen what the OS looks like at this point, they weren’t impressed, so they sold their stocks.

      • Kevin Paterson

        Google’s dropped as well before their announcement.

      • Greg

        No it didn’t. Google’s was actually below 900 before Google I/O, and then during the days of I/O (14th-17th of May), it continued to increase, and throughout these days their stock saw a +2.49% increase. Nice try, though.

      • Kevin Paterson

        My mistake 😛

      • iosPixel

        Off topic – Much Kudos, Recently on iDB when people get corrected they flame!

      • Anshul

        Annual General Meetings/ Earnings call meetings are to impress the investors. Not WWDC. Apple gives a bunch of stats in WWDC for ENTIRE stakeholders not just shareholders and to show the community where they are. As far as not being impressed with the OS is concerned, I might not like the food at Tacobell. But does not mean I would sell Yum!’s stock even if the earnings have been good.

      • Biken Dangol

        Apple’s situation is somewhat abnormal because there was never any growth premium built into the stock price. Even during its rapid rise, it still traded at a discount to the S&P. It was earnings, not irrational exuberance, that made Apple so valuable.

        Still When it’s Stock is way below,It is still earning.
        You have no solemn knowledge on how stock works but it is uncanny of you to comment on the topic.
        Prior to Commenting, Please increase your intellectuality among these topics.

      • Greg

        I do have knowledge on the subject of the stock market. What I am trying to say is that investors sold their shares as soon as they saw iOS, this shows they don’t think iOS 7 will be a success for Apple.

        Remember this word mentioned in the article ‘THINK’.

      • Biken Dangol

        Ya, I got it . It’s your personal opinion but why are you bring Google on to this topic ? And, to be Honest This Same Pundits (Shock marketers and expertise ) said Zune was iPod killer, It turned out to be something else. If you recall it.

        I “THINK” comparing Apple success and Stock is just arbitrary ,since Apple has some abnormal quality as I mention above to earn even if theirs stock is low.

      • Greg

        I brought Google into the subject because they are a main competitor with Apple in the terms of mobile OS.

      • Anshul

        Stocks can be down for multiple reasons. There could be players with vested interests to pull down the stock during such events so as to spread negative sentiments among other stakeholders. Stock market always has a domino effect. You see me selling, you sell yours too. Moreover, the WWDC wasn’t restricted to iOS 7. New Mac OS and sneak into new Mac Pro. Hence genuine investors might not be just concerned about iOS 7. They could have had concerns about other product lines as well.

      • Greg

        I watched the stocks live as they decreased the minute the began to show off iOS 7. The reason their stocks dropped is because investors were unimpressed by iOS 7, and sold their stocks. Ironically during this time, Google’s stocks also increase ever so much.

        Unless, you think this is all one big coincidence?

      • Anshul

        Again. I would like to say. Stock prices are based on earnings. Not whether the investors themselves like the product or not. Your logic assumes that the stocks would not have fallen had Apple not announced iOS 7 at all, which is gravely flawed. Yum’s stock would never fall if Taco announces a new recipe to be launched 3 months from now, unless and until a maniac owns a large portion of the stock and jumps at the idea of any changes to the menu before even experiencing the product. Most of us here believe that iOS 7 is a great upgrade and thinking that it were only the investors that were so disappointed with the OS that they sold off the stock while most of the community has given thumbs up to the OS, is a statistical disaster.

      • Greg

        The stock prices rise and fall based on whether or not investors/shareholders or buying and selling their shares, not on earnings. Their stock price dropped because investors sold their shares because they were not impressed by iOS or something else Apple showed at WWDC. Apples stocks went down while they were showing iOS, so it can be assumed they sold their stocks because they were unimpressed by iOS.

      • Anshul

        I would say investors sold their stock for profit booking. they would have bought the stock around June 7 when it was trading at $432, the announcement of iOS 7 was at ~2:15 and the stocks started climbing from a low of 441 at 2:30 to a peak of 446 at 2:50 when the keynote ended. People expressed confidence in the OS, hence bought the stock which rose.After the keynote got over, there was no scope for the stock to rise since no new announcements. Hence people booked profits and moved out, bringing down the stock to $438, still higher than the low of $432 on 7th June and an average of $428 for this quarter. Case closed.

      • Keyan Fayaz

        Well it’s more opinionated. I, for one, love iOS, OSX, etc, and the concept behind being connected on all your devices. I love this new crisp and clean look on iOS and I think it will be popular amongst iPhone users.

        Apple may also be going down in stocks right now because they haven’t sold anything. Watch, in October when the “next big thing” comes out, Apple will skyrocket.
        Again, just an opinion.

      • Greg

        Yes, but I am trying to say the stock only began to drop like literally as soon as they began to show off iOS. This shows the people that are invested in Apple do not think iOS will be a success for Apple. I do agree with you when you say Apple’s stock price will increase when the unveil whatever the next iPhone is, but I will say if it’s an iPhone 5S with little change like the iPhone 4S, then their stock probably will drop.

      • Keyan Fayaz

        I agree simply because Apple’s seen this drop before with investors when they don’t sell anything, but they pick them back up just before or after their next keynote.
        I’m really hoping the 5s/6 does have something outstanding, or else I too will be an ex-iOS user.

      • Greg

        Yeah, this iOS 7 update is what made me an ex-iOS user. I really don’t think Apple’s next phone will be impressive. I predict it will be an iPhone 5S, with the same display, a new ‘2x as fast’ processor, and a better camera, with a couple of gimmicky features.

      • Anshul

        So you saw WWDC keynote, threw your iPhone down the gutter and ran to a Samsung shop to buy an android?

      • seyss

        I agree

      • AndyDontCare

        You keep harping on this stock idea, so just for you: good for you for your analysis, have a cookie. Investors understanding of this is virtually zerrrroooo and they’re more motivated by sales than by a new design paradigm.

      • Hyr3m

        It’s not just about people selling the stock they own… it’s also about people seeing an opportunity in the drop of AAPL and shorting it… (Which is to say… sell now at 450 even though you don’t own any, buy what you sold when it drops at 350, make 100 per share. I did that when AAPL hit 700 and closed my position when it first fell to 450)

        Not so much about investors losing trust in AAPL as about investors starting to trust AAPL to do the wrong thing and keep falling…

  • Chandler

    Is anyone having any problems with the ios 7 beta 1 on the iphone 5 gsm with imessage?

    • Tony

      Yep, it’s chunky to say the least. I turned it off. It has big delays for some reason.

      • Chandler

        Which isnto be expected in the first beta i guess but does it still work for you?

  • bllackghost

    jonathan ive .. i love you! <3

    • Question

      Lol ive seen u comment this on every post

    • YzMENTALzY

      This guy might just C*M in his pants if he sees Jony Ive lol every ios 7 post is the same as this. Funny guy tho lol …

  • TesticularFortitude

    Gotta give Ive credit. He has impressed me more in 8 months than Forstall did in 5 years.

  • Chesarae Walley

    What about quick reply?

    • marcus1324

      We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • inf3rn0

    Obviously, this keynote has been exciting for all Apple fans. However, I was hoping for a bit more – *hint *hint MBP’s, iPad mini update. Still, I think Apple hit it out of the park with this one.

  • Greg

    $1099 for a laptop with 128GB of storage. That’s laughable.

    • Cameron Nelms

      IKR? I got my 1TB PC laptop for $800.

      • Greg

        I’ve seen ones at Best Buy with a 500GB HDD for $400.

      • Chandler

        SSD’s are a little bit different than HDD’s haha. How’s the battery life on that? It’ll probably crap out within the year

      • Greg

        I understand HDD are different than SSDs. 128GB isn’t going to make it far.

      • spyder0109

        Its as good at saying that you buy a truck cheaper than a 7-series BMW. No offence but MacBook Air 128 GB is a sweet spot, where it is light, fast (with one of the fastest SSD) and comes with insanely awesome battery life. You can not compare them alike.

    • Christopher Ablaza

      Greg, do you get payed by google to troll on iDB all day? or is this all just in your free time?

  • Asiz Koju

    IOS 7 usage more colors than required.
    Control Center is worth a thumbs up but the design is yaaawk; I would prefer NCsetting, SBsetting instead of control center.
    Notification center has evolved beautifully but its no where near intelliscreenX. Lock screen has just got nothing new which the jailbreak community hasn’t already integrated on the IOS.
    ICONs and colors are too much alike to MIUI (though i love the color combination of MIUI rather than latest IOS 7). We used to say MIUI has copied the design of IOS but after seeing yesterday keynote i would say it the other way, IOS is so alike to MIUI. ‘
    The greatest features i have seen in ios 7 is the multitasking which is advanced form of AUXO.
    About mac book air its really great its really pretty. It has just beat surface. Don’t get me wrong i am not talking about features, I am talking about the price margin. :p

    • Biken Dangol

      Don’t worry,It’s just in BETA so they might mold it into something better and user friendly.
      To be honest,I was not even expecting this from apple but Apple did a pretty decent job.

      • Greg

        Probably not. Apple doesn’t typically change the whole look of the OS during the beta.

  • AndyDontCare

    Not digging the color scheme. They look a little puny to me.


    Right guys the way i see it IOS 7 is great so far it also has the black background for the black iphone and white background for white phone i can confirm. Yes some icons arent all that too look at but hey its free and if apple so wishes theydont have to add all sorts for us. I remember people used to say add switches like wifi bluetooth n stuff in the notification centre etc and now that they have people still complaining get a life man seriously i think its the best ios by far also doesnt make ur phone feel outdated weather u have a ip4 or ip4s. You have to see it this way they do it so that it loses less ram and battery as battery issues were a thing of previous ios versions because they were so clogged up with all sorts this version looks way cleaner in my personal opinion. It also saves more battery no useless push notifications needed but for the apps u use the most heck its great and they can really give later versions of ios 7 even more updates and tweaks as needed so dont be so harsh im not a fanboy just saying what i think.

  • sam445

    Miss you steve jobs 🙁

    • ex ios user

      Yeah agree I miss him too. Without him ios is just a copy from JB tweak. Nothing really impress me. I guess it is not worth the wait until fall. Since GS4 has all the features even better than what today’s ios announcement. So long apple… hi samsung!!

      • sam445

        i still love APPLE…and TIM COOK is doing good job…

    • Tim Cook

      Yes, we all do

  •  Rich 

    They removed status updates with twitter and Facebook in the notification center.

  • Ian

    I can confirm that installing iOS 7 is successful. Just download it from the evad3rs website, open iTunes, hold down shift, and click “check for update”, select the iOS 7, and sit back. 😀

    • mehrab

      Please help me okay so like wud i need udid? Will it work without udid? And link me to the download please :3

      • Ian

        You need your UDID registered. Find someone to help you. Perhaps a family member who is? There’s probably somebody… You need a UDID. If not, it will pop up with an error.
        evad3rs . net/2013/04/ios-7-download-install-links-how-to.html

        Find yours, download it, (make sure UDID is registered) hold down shift in iTunes, click check for update and select iOS 7.

      • mehrab

        Okay i”ll just comment there and hope and wait how will i know my udid is registired will i get an email from apple? ALSO cud you please show me from where i cud get it resgestered from? if you know someone with extra slots or something please get me registered c4d0a222930b77b697ac23eff99a0e95395cce1a it wud mean the whole world to me please anyone friend foe family member if you cant its still okay

      • Ian

        No, the person who registered it would get the email. If you want one, try searching on ebay “iOS 7”. You’ll find a lot. 🙂
        I don’t know anybody except my cousin, but he’s not filling requests.

  • ex ios user

    Come on apple, show ur shine. U should add widget, more language predictions keyboars, swipe keyboard, more costumized screen, and dont be selfish ohh come on u know u need google as a compliment not a competitor.

  • Qasim Bashir

    Ok so all the stock talk between @greg and some other guy, u need to take into account the whole thing, the stock prices alone dont represent anything thats just supply and demand, a bunch of stockholders sold their stock and earned a capital gain, ok nothing bad about it, shares got available more prices dropped simple supply and demand stuff, look at the whole company their gearing is exceptional for the company this size, its going cocern is carved in stone according to the audited reports, every performance check is far above from just normal, and as far as u not liking the new iOS, thats just sad, plus if anyone knows a bit about stock they’ll know that the indicators show so damn clearly that its price gonna go up, way up.

  • cmmb

    – -@disqus_jzy7YSFi4d:disqus

  • cmmb


  • Rickm_jr

    So many comments. Hopefully someone out there sees this one:
    Since control center is accessible from the lock screen with the airplane mode toggle there, wouldn’t that null Find My iPhone if someone stole it?

  • Chris Longden

    Well no more sliding over for spotlight search. You just pull down on the icons and a search bar appears above.

  • disqus_DYirGSHU5i

    WTF people!! Whats with you guyz!!! iOS 7 design icon looks like shit, and everyone is like ios 7 is awsome?? Whats wrong with people these days? !?

    • ex ios user

      correct ios 7 is just trying to make people happy with the changes, in fact ios 7 design is like crap. and so selfish it eliminates youtube, google search default and google map woww. it just makes its fans crazy bot apple, but I know it is a communist way of being monopoly these days, so I better quit to be ios fans.

  • Jason

    To those who posted that they don’t like the new iOS. Fine, it’s all about personal tatste. Go keep iOS 6, jailbreaks or buy another phone.

    To those who are going to jump ship, be happy. If I might give a suggestion, buy HTC not Samsung. I’ve had several of the Galaxy phones (upto the SIII) and they have got worse in terms of build quality. I have many other complaints about the SIII compared to even my trusty SII. I won’t ever buy another Samsung phone again, just like I won’t ever buy another Windows PC (I feel like I’ve been shafted by both Microsoft and Samsung).

    Anyway, onto iOS. I was a bit worried when I first heard the rumors but I really like it. OK there are a few things to get used to and the odd thing that isn’t quite great. But for me it makes my perfectly functional iOS 6 installations suddenly look very dated, when in isolation it performs everything I want of it. Weird.

  • Jason

    On the Subject of OS X Mavericks, it looks like the updates are all very logical. I like the tagging idea whoch will be useful when working on large projects.

    I also like the fact that it will have iTunes Radio!

    But best of all it runs on any Mac that can run 10.8 which is awesome. Looking forward to better batty life and even a small boost in performance (though not as big as addinng the SSD to my system).