iOS 7 features an all new mobile Safari

iOS 7 Safari

Among the many changes in iOS 7 is a completely revamped mobile Safari app. The browser, which has long been the subject of user criticism, has been given a complete UI makeover and a slew of new features.

The first thing you’ll see when you load up the new mobile Safari is a new Home page with all of your favorite and recently visited websites (very similar to OS X version). Then once you select a page, you’ll see…

Browsing is bigger, better, and more beautiful with Safari in iOS 7. Buttons and bars — like the unified smart search field — stay hidden until you scroll to reveal them. So you see more content than ever on your screen. And with a swipe, you can go back or forward a page. It’s all designed so nothing gets in your way or slows you down.

iOS 7 Safari on iPhone

A new tab view, which looks reminiscent of Apple’s Cover Flow, or the multi-window view in Windows. It looks fluid in the demo, and Phil Schiller says that it will make switching between tabbed websites much quicker.

Other features include a new Smart Search field, which will auto-complete previously searched terms, and iCloud Keychain, which we covered earlier. There’s also full screen view, Parental Controls, and a new Favorites view.

Outside of the redesigned UI, there’s nothing jaw-dropping here. Chrome may still be the go-to choice for some folks.

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