iCloud Keychain securely syncs passwords and credit card numbers across devices

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1Password, look out. Apple has created a new feature in OS X Mavericks called iCloud Keychain, and as you would expect, it allows you to sync passwords, credit cards, and other personal information across multiple devices.

Just like 1Password, iCloud Keychain can generate secure passwords for you. The nice thing about iCloud Keychain is that it is tightly integrated throughout the OS. In total you can save website logins, credit card numbers, Wi-Fi networks, and account information…

Mavericks iCloud Keychain

Remembering your passwords can be a real pain. But now iCloud Keychain remembers them for you. It stores your website user names and passwords on the devices you’ve approved, protects them with robust AES 256-bit encryption, and keeps them up to date on each device. And it automatically fills them in whenever and wherever you need them. The new Password Generator suggests unique, hard-to-guess passwords for your online accounts. iCloud Keychain works with credit card information too, so checking out is a snap. Juggling passwords has never been so simple. Because now you don’t have to.

It wasn’t readily apparent as to how iCloud Keychain will integrate with iOS, but we can presume that iOS 7 will feature iCloud Keychain integration as well. Stay tuned, we’ll have more information regarding iCloud Keychain as it becomes available.