New to Mac? Here’s all the tools in the Mac Utilities folder

macOS Utilities Folder

If you’ve just purchased your first Mac, and especially if you’re coming from Windows, you might be wondering about the Utilities folder. You may see the folder but have yet to open it or you might be looking for a specific tool and don’t realize it’s in that folder.

Whatever the case, we’re here with another in our New to Mac series to help you out! We’ll explain what’s in the Utilities folder and what each tool is for.

How to manually add passwords and use the assistant in Keychain Access

Keychain Access Generated Password

You may not pay a lot of attention to the Keychain Access app on your Mac. But with it, you have access to a handy spot for holding your passwords and other account information.

While the tool is set up to automatically capture and hold your keychain passwords (should you accept this option when prompted), you can also add them manually. This is convenient for passwords you use elsewhere. And the app comes with an assistant to help you set up a solid and more secure password.

Here, we’ll show you how to manually add passwords and use the assistant in Keychain Access on your Mac.

How to store Secure Notes on Mac with Keychain Access

Add Secure Note Keychain Access

Do you have things that need to be secured like PIN numbers, social security numbers, combinations for locks, and similar items? Most of us do. But where can you store these types of items securely yet have easy access to them when you it?

You can use the Notes app on your Apple device and set a password. And while that’s one good option, there is another – Secure Notes in Keychain Access on your Mac.

Keychain Access is an app that holds your keychain passwords along with account information, certificates, private keys, and related items. And an awesome built-in feature of Keychain Access is Secure Notes.

So if you’re looking for a safe spot to jot down information and access it quickly and easily, here’s how to use and store Secure Notes with Keychain Access.

How to import and export iCloud Keychain passwords

iCloud Keychain Access on Mac

If you’re setting up a new Mac, you can use the Setup Assistant. This will automatically transfer all of your iCloud Keychain passwords for you. But if you don’t use the assistant and want to copy over your passwords, here’s how to export your iCloud Keychain passwords on Mac.

How to fix iCloud Keychain not working in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Private Browsing Mode Message iPhone

Using iCloud Keychain to save your account names and passwords for websites makes logging into your favorite sites a breeze. You don't have to remember many passwords and can use iCloud Keychain across your devices. It's a fantastic time-saver, except when you find iCloud Keychain not working.

If you're stuck and Safari on iPhone, iPad, or Mac isn't auto-filling your account information or details for your credit card, here are a few things to fix this issue.

How to view iCloud Keychain passwords on iPhone, iPad and Mac

View passwords stored in iCloud Keychain on iPhone

If you use iCloud Keychain to store and remember passwords, there may come a time when you want to view a particular password. Maybe you need it to log in on another device that doesn't have iCloud Keychain, or perhaps you are setting up a new password manager and need those details. Whatever the case, here's how to access iCloud Keychain passwords on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to see Wi-Fi network passwords you have connected to on iPhone and iPad

View Password for Network on Mac

Ah, passwords. We have so many for every little thing now that it can almost get overwhelming. Many people use a password manager app while others stick with iCloud Keychain. Whatever it is that you use to manage, store, and recover your passwords it won’t help with Wi-Fi networks if you didn’t capture it.

So, what happens if you get a new device and want to connect to your Wi-Fi network, but can’t remember the password?

Open up your Mac because we have you covered! Here’s how to see Wi-Fi network passwords you have connected to on iPhone and iPad in the past.

You need the KeySmart Pro on your keychain

One of the biggest downsides to Bluetooth trackers is that you have to attach an additional fob to your keychain. This makes your keys bulkier than ever. KeySmart Pro is a different kind of Bluetooth tracker, and one of the smartest pairing between two companies I've seen yet.

How to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac

You can find a Wi-Fi password if you connected to that specific Wi-Fi network with your Mac in the past. This can come in handy when you want to connect more devices to that network but don't remember the password. Or when you're trying to share the password to that network with a friend. But even if you never connected to that network, we'll show you there is still a way to view the password for that Wi-Fi network.

Dating back several macOS versions, all passwords are now stored in an application called Keychain Access. But that's not the only way to recover a forgotten old Wi-Fi password. You can also do that using Terminal, and via your router. So if you're looking for a saved Wi-Fi password that you simply can't remember, you're in luck because we are going to show you how to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac…