Calendar app updated in OS X Mavericks with a fresh new look and new features

new calendar

As we continue to sift through the mounds of new information Apple dropped on us today, one of the announcements that got lost in the shuffle is the new Calendar app in OS X Mavericks. The desktop OS didn’t get quite the makeover that iOS did, but Calendar looks and acts completely different than its predecessor…

Apple says that it has ‘streamlined’ the Calendar app with a fresh new look and powerful new features. And it definitely looks different. Gone are the tacky faux-cowhide leather textures, replaced with a much more minimal UI design—verry similar to what we saw throughout the iOS 7 preview Apple showed off today.

new calendar 2

As for new features, Calendar now supports continuous scrolling, allowing you to quickly flip through the weeks and months. And the new event inspector makes it easy to create and edit events by suggesting addresses and points of interest when you enter a location. It will even calculate travel time and display weather info.

Pretty impressive stuff.

I, for one, am digging the new design direction Apple is showing here in this Calendar update. And I’m hoping we see similar work done to the Notes and Reminders apps before Mac OS X Mavericks (still can’t get over how weird that sounds) lands in the fall. As Apple says, it definitely seems more ‘streamlined’ than before.

What do you think?