OS X Mavericks has native LinkedIn sharing, but what about iOS 7?

OS X Mavericks (Features, MacBook)

Apple has shared a bunch of software-focused updates during today’s WWDC keynote, but only briefly touched on a few topics dear to my heart, due to time constraints. Among them: native LinkedIn sharing. As you know, OS X Mountain Lion already incorporates single sign-on for Facebook and Twitter. Truth be told, the company did make a passing mention of LinkedIn integration during the keynote’s Safari segment and it would only seem natural that it will be bringing that capability to iOS 7 in the betas preceding a Fall release…

According to a What’s New page on Apple’s portal for developers (via @floo1989), LinkedIn lets developers write apps that log you into LinkedIn using your credentials stored in System Preferences.

Make it easy for users to post links and access their LinkedIn profiles directly from your app. With single sign-on in OS X Mavericks, users can sign into their account once and stay connected with their professional networks.

It’s unclear whether LinkedIn extends to OS X Mavericks’s system-wide share menu. For what it’s worth, I learned a week ago from my own sources that iOS 7 would bring native LinkedIn sharing.

The Jony Ive thing didn’t transpire and my source has a sketchy track record so I’d take this with a few pinches of salt. But with LinkedIn support in OS X Mavericks, it’s certainly a matter of time before the feature makes its way to iOS 7.

For the record, 9to5Mac first called for native Flickr and Vimeo integration in iOS 7.

Apple’s promo graphics shown above certainly proves that at least the Flickr part of the rumor panned out.

iOS 7 (Control Center, Flickr button)

Mark’s sources are much better than mine and he just chimed in on Twitter confirming that both Flickr and Vimeo sections are available in iOS 7 Settings – but not LinkedIn (yet).

Indeed, here’s a screenie (via Sjoerd Reitsma).

iOS 7 (Settings, Flickr and Vimeo)

So, what’s your take?

Will LinkedIn integration come to iOS 7 come this Fall?

Pictured above: the Flickr sharing button in Control Center in iOS 7, via Mark Gurman.