Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Windows giant Microsoft on Monday announced it's purchasing business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn for a cool $26.2 billion. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a message to troops that he's been learning about LinkedIn for some time “while also reflecting on how networks can truly differentiate cloud services.” LinkedIn has a network of more than 433 million business professionals, meaning Microsoft would be paying an average of about $60 per user.

LogDog for iOS lets you monitor the security of your online accounts

LogDog, a service originally made popular on the Android platform for keeping your various online accounts safe from unauthorized activity, is now launching for iOS.

With LogDog, you can actively monitor your online accounts and keep an eye on where the most recent logins came from, what operating system and web browser was used, and more.

If you're always worried about your security, or even your privacy, this is an app you'll want to check out.

LinkedIn overhauls iOS app, adds 3D Touch, Spotlight Search support and more

LinkedIn, the leading business-oriented social networking service, today released a major update to its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad application in the App Store. Featuring a brand new interface redesigned from the ground up, the app is now streamlined into five core areas: Your Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging and Search.

In addition, owners of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can press firmly LinkedIn's Home screen icon for Search, New Message, View Activity and Share features.

LinkedIn reboots its Contacts for iPhone app as LinkedIn Connected

After retiring CardMunch, its standalone iPhone app for scanning business cards, in favor of Evernote’s business card scanning service last month, LinkedIn today rebranded another standalone iOS app - LinkedIn Contacts. The app shall be known henceforth as LinkedIn Connected.

The app has been reimagined and redesigned for a much cleaner appearance.

Aside from the name change, the free download has all the same features like its predecessor, but more advanced than before and with "much more focus on strengthening your relationships"...

Apple hires head software engineer from Atlas Wearables, likely to work on the iWatch

Apple is believed to have an interesting pipeline of new products planned for the second half of this year, including new Macs, iPhones and its first wearable device. It has been speculated over the past several months that the company is gearing up to launch the so-called "iWatch" in the fall, a smart watch that will double as a health and fitness tracker for managing your heart rate, calories, blood glucose levels and more…

Angela Ahrendts shares advice on starting anew at Apple

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has had quite the experience since joining the iPhone maker's leadership team last month. Ahrendts has posted a letter on LinkedIn that details her transition to her new role at Apple, following an eight-year tenure as CEO of the luxury fashion brand Burberry. In her memo, she discusses a few insights that allowed her to adapt to the Silicon Valley culture… 

Hunting for a new gig? LinkedIn’s new Job Search app is a one-stop shop for your job-seeking needs

If you're in the market for a new job, there's no better place to start than LinkedIn, the world's most popular business-oriented service for professional networking. And when tapping the power of your professional network to seek out new opportunities, your quick responses to inquiries from potential employers become paramount.

LinkedIn has a decent iPhone and iPad client in the App Store, but it's a little clunky and can be overwhelming and daunting to use. Enter Job Search, a new iPhone app from LinkedIn that makes it easy to find that dream job while sipping your latte...

LinkedIn app updated with new search and discovery features

LinkedIn has updated its native iOS app this afternoon, bringing it to version 6.1. This is the first substantial update the social network has posted for its mobile client since it was completely overhauled back in April.

Today's release includes a number of improvements, but perhaps the biggest change is the new search feature. Users can now use the app to find and discover people, jobs, companies and groups. More after the fold...

Apple testing system-wide integration of LinkedIn in iOS 7

Move over Twitter and Facebook, it looks like Apple is planning to add a third social network to the system-wide share sheet in iOS 7. According to code-based references found inside the first beta, the company is testing deep LinkedIn integration.

Similar to the setup with the two aforementioned networks, the code points to a single-sign-on system for LinkedIn accounts. This would allow users to easily post content, such as Web URLs, to LinkedIn from native and third party applications...