Apple’s iPad event ended three hours ago, and things are just now starting to quiet down. As most of you know, today was a big day for the Cupertino company, who made a number of big announcements.

Apple introduced two new major products, along with some new software, and dropped some interesting info. And for those of you who had trouble keeping up with everything, we’ve created a nice little roundup…

Tim Cook talked some numbers

  • There are now over 315 million iOS devices in the wild
  • Apple sold 62 million iPhones, iPods and iPads last quarter
  • These mobile products make up 76% of Apple’s revenue
  • Over 100 million users on iCloud
  • More than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store
  • Apple’s retail stores saw more than 110 million visitors in 2011

iOS 5.1 was announced, and became available for download

  • The update includes a number of bug fixes along with new features including a redesigned camera app and Japanese Siri
  • iOS 5.1 lock screen camera

Apple unveiled a new Apple TV

Apple also introduced a new iPad

And a new iPhoto app for iOS

The 16GB iPad 2 will be sticking around with a $100 price drop. You can get the Wi-Fi model for $399 or the 3G + Wi-Fi model for $529.

Pre-orders for the new iPad start today, and it will be available for purchase on March 16th.

If you’re more of a visual person, the entire event is online for your viewing pleasure. Apple has also uploaded the first TV ad for the new iPad entitled “This Good.”

Thanks for hanging out with us today, and be sure to keep checking back for more follow up information and commentary!

  • Hmm, title should be “Everything you need to know about today’s event”, because you talk about all kinds of stuff, and only talk about the iPad nearing the end.

    • Yes you’re right

      • Kok Hean

        Thanks for the post, I just woke up in the morning.

  • Wonder what they foreign grey market is going to fetch for the “new iPad” I could see Asia and Russia buying in the four digit range (USD $) for a wifi model.

    • 富春丽

      Only Asia and Russia?

  • Thanks for the post. Was there no “one more thing…”?

  • Siv

    Best event recap 🙂

  • Siv

    Best event recap 🙂

  • Is the “new iPad” really thicker than the iPad 2 as we heard in the rumors?

  • Is the “new iPad” really thicker than the iPad 2 as we heard in the rumors?

  • i am confused. is this going to be called “the new iPad” or will it be called the iPad 3?

    • The new iPad

      • and all things afterward will add on to that title! “in 2014, we are proud to announce, the new new new new iPad!”

    • Anonymous

      called it iPad2-k12 :p or “Deborah” as giz said hahaha

  • Jex

    you guys had busy day today….
    followed full coverage on twitter by idb….

  • Hey, I know this thread is already old but maybe someone could give me their input on this one being that I’ve been thinking bout it since I saw the iPad Event. So we know the NEW iPad will not have Siri, BUT it DOES have dictation. Does that mean the new iPad will have its own keys/tokens/certificate that it will send to apples servers for a response? If so, does that mean that, and this is a long shot, once 5.1 on the new A5X chip is Jailbroken, Siri might be able to be installed a lot easier than a 4? Being that if it leafy connects to their servers on its own? Just a thought. Any input? Thanks!